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An exclusive News 9/News On 6 poll shows most Oklahomans believe the state’s economy is the biggest problem facing the state today.

We asked more than 1,000 likely voters to tell us what is the most pressing problem facing the state. Thirty-two percent said the economy or employment is it. Another 17 percent listed education funding as the biggest problem.

Illegal immigration ranked third, with 12.7%. Healthcare was fourth, with roads and bridges fifth.

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Donald Trump remains the GOP front-runner in Oklahoma, but it now appears to be a two-way race in our state’s Republican primary, according to an exclusive News 9/News On 6 poll.

Trump, with 35 percent of the likely vote, leads a surging Ted Cruz, who received 25 percent in the poll. Cruz had 7 percent in September.

Two other prominent GOP candidates have lost support since November.

Ben Carson’s support fell 10 points since November to eight percent in January. Marco Rubio fell eight points and is currently at 10 percent, according to the tracking polls.

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An exclusive News 9/News On 6 poll shows growing support for a one penny sales tax increase that would fund education in Oklahoma.

We asked more than 1,000 likely voters if they support or oppose a new one-cent sales tax, with the money going to fund teacher pay and other education expenses.

Sixty-four percent say they would support the tax, up 7 points since November.  Twenty-nine percent oppose the tax and seven percent have no opinion.

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Most Oklahomans think that state leaders are doing a “poor” job responding to Oklahoma’s increase in earthquakes, according to an exclusive News 9/News On 6 poll.

When asked to rate how well Governor Fallin and other elected leaders have addressed the potential earthquake causes or repercussions, 41 percent said they were doing a “poor” job.

Nearly 28 percent rated the state’s response as “fair,” 14 percent said it was “good,” and nearly three percent thought the handling has been “excellent.” Nearly 15 percent surveyed were not sure.

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OKLAHOMA CITY – An exclusive News 9/News On 6 poll shows more Oklahomans support the abolition of the death penalty, but on the condition that an alternative is offered.

In the poll, we asked Oklahomans if they would support or oppose the abolition of the death penalty in Oklahoma, if those typically given the death penalty were given life without any possibility of parole and ordered to pay mandatory restitution to the victims’ families for the rest of their life.

According to the poll, 52 percent said they support the abolition of death penalty, while 34 percent said they oppose it. And 14 percent said they have no opinion on this issue.

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Oklahoma is losing teachers at an alarming rate, with class sizes growing and programs dropped.

“If you want to improve this state, if you want to move it forward in what do you invest? Education is at the head of the list,” said OU President David Boren.

That’s long been the message of OU President David Boren. He’s leading the charge for a new one-cent statewide sales tax dedicated to education with about 60 percent going for teacher raises. The plan is to bypass lawmakers and go straight to the people with a ballot question next year.

Our exclusive new statewide News 9 Poll shows Oklahomans like the idea.

We asked nearly 800 likely voters if they “support or oppose a one-cent tax to fund education including raising teacher pay, improving reading, stopping tuition increases and expanding career training.”

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More than half of Oklahomans have a favorable opinion of Governor Mary Fallin, according to an exclusive News 9/News On 6 poll.

We asked likely voters to give their opinion of the governor, about one year after her re-election.

Nearly 55 percent say they have a favorable opinion, but 32 percent say they have an unfavorable opinion. Thirteen percent have no opinion.

Fallin’s favorability rating hasn’t changed much since the last time we asked before her re-election in 2014.

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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton remain the top choices for president among Oklahoma voters, according to an exclusive News 9/News On 6 poll.

If Oklahoma’s March 1 primary elections were held today, 27.1 percent of state Republicans say they would vote for Trump. Clinton controls nearly half of the Democrat primary vote, 46.6 percent, according to the poll.

Trump, who has remained the national GOP front-runner, leads Ted Cruz (18.3 percent), Ben Carson (17.5 percent) and Marco Rubio (16.3 percent) in the state. The rest of the Republican field — Mike Huckabee, Carly Fiorina, Jeb Bush, Rand Paul and John Kasich — are all in the single digits. Nearly seven percent are undecided and 2.5 percent prefer someone else.

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Last week, the Federal Communications Committee adopted a set of new rules designed to better shield Americans from calls to their cell phones generated through the use of an “automatic telephone dialing system.”

As of this writing, the FCC has not yet published the full text of the new rules, approved by a 3 to 2 party line vote. However, the changes described in an FCC press release and more than an hour of statements by FCC commissioners will severely impact pollsters and their subcontracted call centers that use automatic dialing systems to call prospective poll participants on cell phones.

The 1991 Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) already prohibits the use of an “automatic telephone dialing system” to contact “any telephone number assigned to a …cellular telephone service” without “express prior consent” from the party being called. That provision prohibits pollsters from dialing cell phone numbers when conducting fully automated, recorded voice polls (otherwise known as IVR or Interactive Voice Response).

The new ruling will now limit the degree to which live interviewer polls can use computer automation to call sampled cell phone numbers using an automatic dialer or otherwise known as a “predictive” dialer.  This will, undoubtedly, cause some polling firms to either stop including cell phones in their samples which will cause less accurate results, change their methodologies to more expensive methods of data collection, or stop polling all together.

Since 2004, SoonerPoll has NEVER used any type of automatic or predictive dialer to conduct its polls in the state of Oklahoma, therefore the new FCC rulings will have no impact at all on SoonerPoll or its current likely voter polling methodology.

SoonerPoll conducts ALL of its data collection for its polls in Oklahoma at its own call center in Oklahoma City and has NEVER subcontracted the data collection to call centers that use automatic or predicitive dialers.

In 2012, SoonerPoll changed its methodology to include a cell phone sample, which the new FCC ruling directly addresses, and since that time those calls have been directly dialed by live interviewers just like the landline sample has always been directly dialed by live interviewers.

“Because SoonerPoll has always collected its own data and never used any automatic dialers to collect that data, we believe this is why SoonerPoll has been the state’s most accurate pollster since its inception,” said Bill Shapard, CEO of SoonerPoll.  “We will continue to always follow the law and to improve our data collection methodologies in order to provide the most accurate polling in Oklahoma.”



SoonerPoll is Oklahoma’s only independent, non-partisan pollster, conducting and producing more publicly released polling on the opinions of Oklahomans than all other polling firms in the state combined. Founded in 2004, SoonerPoll has been the pollster of record for one of the state’s largest newspapers, The Tulsa World, since 2005 and routinely performs polling for News 9 and News on 6, the state’s most watched television news in both Oklahoma City and Tulsa.

In 2014, Nate Silver’s 538Blog rated and ranked 337 pollsters in the nation, and SoonerPoll was rated the BEST pollster in the state of Oklahoma and in the TOP TEN percent of best pollsters in the nation.

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In what many have called the first major straw poll among Republicans of the 2016 presidential election, noted author and neurosurgeon Ben Carson won the straw poll at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in Oklahoma City on Saturday among a crowded field of potential candidates.

Carson, who gave a stirring speech to conference attendees, won with 25.4 percent of the vote, which saw more than 64 percent of attendees participate in the straw poll.  Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who also spoke at the conference but has not formally announced yet, came in second with 20.5 percent of the vote, and rounding out the top three was Texas Senator Ted Cruz with 16.6 percent, who was scheduled but unable to attend due to votes back in Washington.

Top Finishers in the 2015 SRLC Conference Straw Poll
1. Ben Carson 25.4
2. Scott Walker 20.5
3. Ted Cruz 16.6
4. Chris Christie 5.3
5. Rick Perry 5.0, Oklahoma’s only non-partisan public opinion polling firm, was selected to conduct the straw poll among conference attendees who were issued a unique passcode upon registering at the conference and could participate anytime online through a variety of mobile devices including their own cellphone.  SoonerPoll staff was stationed throughout the Cox Convention Center during the three-day event with iPads and assisted attendees with voting.

Key Take-aways:

  1. Oklahomans, who made up the largest contingent of attendees, narrowly selected Gov. Scott Walker at their first choice overall, but Carson was able to overcome and win with supporters from other southern states who attended.
  2. Ben Carson led among attendees from Texas, beating out Texas Gov. Rick Perry and Texas Senator Ted Cruz.
  3. A plurality, 46 percent, believed national security issues was the most important issues facing the United States today, following by economic issues at 40 percent and social issues at 14 percent.
  4. Those believing economic issues were most important favored Scott Walker; those believing social issues were most important favored Ben Carson.
  5. Self-identified Tea Party supporters, who made up 42 percent of attendees, favored Ted Cruz, while self-identified Libertarians, who made up only 14 percent, favored Rand Paul, who finished 7th overall.
  6. 58 percent of attendees were either members of the National Rifle Association or the Gun Owners of America, or identified with either organization.  Ted Cruz narrowly edged out Scott Walker among these attendees.


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