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  • Parents want children to go to college, but most aren’t saving for it

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    A large majority of Oklahoma parents and grandparents – 86 percent – believe it is “very important” that their child or grandchild attends college according to a recent opinion poll conducted by ShapardResearch.  The survey shows Oklahoma parents and grandparents do understand the importance and value in children pursuing higher education; however, only 43 percent have started investing or saving for their child’s or grandchild’s college education expenses. The opinion poll, conducted via landline and cell phone to 401 Oklahoma households, unfortunately revealed that half of Oklahoman parents and grandparents believe a regular savings account

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  • Poll: Oklahomans view pensions, public sector employees and their associations very favorably

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    The most recent SoonerPoll finds that Oklahomans view public sector employees very favorably, including their public pension programs and their associations. “At some point throughout the year, every Oklahoman will interact with or be affected by the work of our state or local government employees,” said Bill Shapard, CEO of “How the electorate views those who perform the work of our government is important to the overall health of our democracy.” A solid 74 percent of likely voting Oklahomans viewed state and local government employees favorably, with 12 percent having no opinion and only

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  • New Survey Shows Overwhelming Support for Caregiving Legislation

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    Nearly all Oklahomans think it is important to provide better training for family caregivers, according to a new survey today released by aging advocates at the State Capitol. AARP Oklahoma, which commissioned the non-partisan survey of 400 likely Oklahoma voters, said the results were timely since the Legislature is considering a bill that would strengthen training for family caregivers and allow patients to designate a caregiver at the time of hospital admission. Senate Bill 1536 by Senator Brian Crain, R-Tulsa and Representative Harold Wright, R-Weatherford, was approved by the state Senate February 18th and now

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  • Obama still unpopular in the state, but does anybody care?

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    Barack Obama

    Latest quarterly poll results indicate that President Obama is still very unpopular in Oklahoma, with his combined approval at 29 percent among likely Oklahoma voters.  It’s still not the worst he’s been when, during the last mid-term election year, his approval sat at a rock bottom of just 26 percent.  And, he may just be there again as his approval since last summer has been on a downward trajectory as another mid-term election year approaches. But the question is, does anybody in Oklahoma, or elsewhere for that matter, care about the president’s approval in our

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  • News9: OKC Mayor Mick Cornett Holds Lead Over Challengers In New Poll

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    By Nathan Elliott, News 9 OKLAHOMA CITY — Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett held onto a sizeable lead over his challengers in a new poll released Sunday. Sixty-three percent of likely voters said they would re-elect Cornett to a fourth term. That figure was virtually unchanged from an earlier poll taken February 17-19. Councilman Ed Shadid gained six percentage points over the last few weeks. In the current poll, 25 percent of likely voters support the Ward 2 councilman in his bid to become mayor. Continued – Click here to read the entire News9 article   About

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  • Oklahomans Split on replacing current Pension System with 401k-style Program

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    Results from the latest SoonerPoll indicate that likely Oklahoma voters are split over whether to replace the current pension system with a proposed 401k-style system.  In fact, a slight plurality opposed (44.8%) moving the public-sector employees’ retirement system to a 401k-style system for new employees, compared to 40.1% who supported it. Likely voters were also asked “which retirement system is best” and again there was no consensus among Oklahomans, with 44.4 percent of likely Oklahoma voters preferring 401k plans compared to a near equal 44.3 percent of respondents who prefer traditional pension plans. Further results

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  • Tulsa poll: Put ‘Christmas’ back in downtown parade’s name, majority says

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    By RANDY KREHBIEL World Staff Writer Let’s have a Christmas parade, for crying out loud. That seems to be the attitude of a large majority of the Tulsans who participated in the most recent Oklahoma Poll, anyway. Better than three-quarters of the 400 Tulsans surveyed for the Tulsa World by said they want “Christmas” in the name of the city’s annual downtown holiday parade. “Christmas is set aside as the birthday for Christ,” Richard Freeman said. “I don’t see any reason to water that down or give it another name.” Tulsa’s traditional downtown holiday parade

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  • Crime still top concern among Tulsans, poll indicates

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    By RANDY KREHBIEL World Staff Writer Tulsans remain on edge about crime, but not as much as they were last summer, the latest Oklahoma Poll indicates. Twenty-seven percent of the 400 Tulsans surveyed Nov. 1-5 said crime is Tulsa’s most pressing problem. That was down from 32 percent in June but remained the most popular response. “It seems like almost every night there’s a shooting somewhere or a forcible break-in,” said Darrell Hardin. “On weekends, you can almost bet somebody will get shot. … Used to, you never heard of that sort of thing.” Streets

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  • SoonerPoll: Fan base grows for ONEOK Field, BOK Center as downtown gets economic boost

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    By ZACK STOYCOFF World Staff Writer Support for downtown’s BOK Center and ONEOK Field has grown substantially in the past four years, a poll shows. An Oklahoma Poll of 400 Tulsans conducted Nov. 1-5 indicates that 84 percent of likely voters have a favorable impression of the BOK Center and 63 percent approve of the 2008 decision to move the Tulsa Drillers Double A baseball team downtown. In 2009, the last time the Oklahoma Poll asked those questions, 75 percent of likely voters viewed the BOK Center favorably and only 43 percent supported moving the

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  • Poll: Tulsans support dams in river

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    By KEVIN CANFIELD World Staff Writer Using public dollars to build low-water dams in the Arkansas River and to help attract job-producing companies to town — proposals that failed in a countywide vote last year — are supported by a majority of Tulsans, according to a recent Oklahoma Poll. The poll, conducted Nov. 1-5 by SoonerPoll, found 57.5 percent of Tulsans support the use of public funds to build the dams and 74.7 percent support offering financial incentives to companies that would bring a substantial number of jobs to Tulsa. “I just think it would

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