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  • Oklahoma Poll: Fallin’s favorability slips

    on Jul 14, 14 • in Featured, Governor, Oklahoma Poll • with No Comments


    By RANDY KREHBIEL World Staff Writer The past year has taken a bite out of Gov. Mary Fallin’s approval rating, polling over the past four years indicates. Fallin’s favorability with Oklahoma voters dipped to 52 percent in early June, according to an Oklahoma Poll conducted for the Tulsa World by That represents a new low for Fallin in Tulsa World polling, and a 19-point drop from her high of 73 percent in September. Falling’s rating stood at 71 percent a year ago.   Bill Shapard of said some difficult political situations have likely cooled the enthusiasm

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  • Tulsa World: Safe lead for Fallin

    on Jun 22, 14 • in Governor, Oklahoma Poll • with No Comments


    By Tulsa World Staff Reports Gov. Mary Fallin should easily secure the Republican nomination for a second term on Tuesday, according to the most recent Oklahoma Poll. Seventy-one percent of those surveyed favored Fallin, with two challengers combining for 11 percent and 17 percent undecided

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  • In wake of state’s tornadoes, Fallin’s approval increases among voters

    on Jul 11, 13 • in Governor, PollBlog • with No Comments


    Gov. Mary Fallin may not have any challenger yet announced to run against her next year, but it would appear that whoever may eventually emerge will have a big uphill battle. While this may have been well known anecdotally in political circles, the latest poll results from would now confirm it. In its latest quarterly poll, Gov. Fallin’s approval rating among likely voters has reached an all-time high, 71%, since SoonerPoll began measuring the governor’s approval in 2011 when she was sworn in. This high approval rating comes in the wake of the governor’s

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  • SoonerPoll’s Bill Shapard writes open letter to Governor Fallin over horse slaughter poll results

    on Mar 26, 13 • in Governor, PollBlog, Statewide • with 32 Comments


    Dear Governor Fallin, I write to you today to share with you results of our most recent polling regarding legislation to repeal the ban on horse slaughter in Oklahoma. Given the rather fast pace this legislation has made its way through the legislature, my intent is to make sure that the collective voice of the voting public is heard and taken into consideration on this issue. As Oklahoma’s public opinion pollster, it is NOT my mission, directly or indirectly, to advocate for or against any particular legislation or public policy. While this particular poll was

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  • Fallin has high favorable rating going into 2013

    on Jan 8, 13 • in Governor, Statewide • with 5 Comments

    In Thomas, Okla. (AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki)

    Oklahomans seem to love their governors, whether male or female, Republican, or Democrat.  At least the last few anyway. The latest SoonerPoll results show Governor Mary Fallin, the state’s first female governor, with a 65.0% combined favorability rating.  Of the near two-thirds with a favorable opinion, 29.6% responded with ‘very favorable’ toward the Governor and 35.4% with ‘somewhat favorable.’  Those with an unfavorable opinion were 24.4%, and 10.7% did not have an opinion. The same love was also shown for Governor Brad Henry during his tenure with approval ranging from 62% to as high as

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  • After nearly a year in office majority approve of Governor Fallin

    on Jan 10, 12 • in Governor, Statewide • with 4 Comments

    After nearly a year on the job, 70 percent of likely Oklahoma voters approve of the way Governor Mary Fallin is doing her job, a recent study reveals. Results from the poll indicate that 69.3 percent of respondents approve, 16.2 percent disapprove, and 14.5 percent either do not have an opinion or do not know Mary Fallin.  The study was fielded between November 17 and December 6, 2011. Although this is the first time SoonerPoll has released the governor’s approval ratings since she took office last January, it is not the first time the

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  • Henry finishes second term with high marks despite unpopular decisions

    on Jan 3, 11 • in Governor • with No Comments

    Governor Brad Henry will finish his second term as governor with a 70.8 percent approval rating, despite dropping significantly in the midst of a political environment often marred by anti-establishment and anti-Democrat sentiments. According to SoonerPoll, Henry’s approval rating had been slowly declining in recent years reaching his lowest approval on record of 62.2 percent in October before surging to 70.8 percent following the November election. “The remarkable thing about Brad Henry is how his approval ratings defy the political environment.” Keith Gaddie, Vice President of SoonerPoll, said. “In the past, many of us attributed

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  • Henry, Inhofe, Coburn finish off 2010 with highest marks in years

    on Dec 21, 10 • in Governor, US Senate • with No Comments

    Inhofe walking

    October and November SoonerPoll numbers find both of Oklahoma’s Republican U.S. senators and the outgoing Democratic Governor currently enjoying their highest approval ratings in recent memory. Senator Tom Coburn’s current approval rating of 69.6 percent is the highest it has been since SoonerPoll began polling on him in January of 2006.   Senator James Inhofe’s approval rating of 64 percent is also his highest on record. Governor Brad Henry’s approval rating has slowly declined since SoonerPoll began polling in 2006.  In October, Henry reached his lowest approval on record of 62.2 percent before surging back

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  • Fallin increases lead as undecided voters make up their minds

    on Oct 12, 10 • in Governor, Statewide • with 3 Comments

    The most recent SoonerPoll finds Congresswoman Mary Fallin leading Lt. Governor Jari Askins by the largest margin since SoonerPoll began polling the Governor race in January.   Fallin leads Askins with 53.7 percent, a 15.3 point lead over Askins’ 38.4 percent. Although the October poll marks the first time the race has been polled by SoonerPoll since the Primary election, SoonerPoll has asked voters who they would vote for in a race between Fallin and Askins four times since January. Although Fallin has always led in this poll the margin has fluctuated throughout the campaign.  The

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  • One-on-one match ups find Fallin leading Governor race

    on Jun 16, 10 • in Governor, Statewide • with No Comments

    Though the general election is still months away, Oklahomans weigh in on possible Governor match ups and the results reveal a definite leader. With the Republican primary approaching, Mary Fallin appears poised to be the Republican nominee for governor with a 48.8 point lead over next closest challenger Randy Brogdon. The Democratic Gubernatorial nominee race remains a toss-up, as Drew Edmondson maintains only a 1.3 point lead over Jari Askins, with in the margin of error. SoonerPoll asked likely voters who they would vote for in a series of match ups and found that in

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