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  • Are Romney voters in Oklahoma voting for Romney or against Obama?

    on Oct 31, 12 • in Presidential, Statewide • with No Comments


    Governor Mitt Romney may be at 58% in the latest SoonerPoll, but that doesn’t mean all of those likely voting Oklahomans are voting for him because they favor his policies, positions or plan for the future.  The same could also be said of President Barack Obama and his 33% share of the vote. In a survey of 305 likely voters in Oklahoma, roughly a third of Romney voters are voting “for” Romney’s candidacy.  Just about a third are voting for Romney because they are “against” Obama’s candidacy, and the remaining third are split equally between

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  • Enthusiasm runs high with Romney voters in Oklahoma

    on Oct 27, 12 • in Presidential, Statewide • with No Comments


    Republicans remain more enthusiastic than Democrats in voting this year as in 2010, and Independents increased their enthusiasm in both general elections since 2008, according to a new poll by The phone survey of 305 likely voting Oklahomans show 60% of Independents were more enthusiastic in voting this year than in previous elections, Republicans were 58% and Democrats were 46%. While Independents only make up about five to seven percent of the turnout on Election Day, there may not be much to read into how this will affect the election here in Oklahoma.  But,

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  • Romney still commands Oklahoma’s seven electoral votes

    on Oct 26, 12 • in Presidential, Statewide • with 5 Comments

    Image: Mitt Romney

    For those closely watching the electoral college’s movement this year, Oklahoma has never moved from the deepest of red colors.  And, today’s presidential race results will firmly keep it there. In a survey of 305 likely voters taken by phone Oct 18-24th, 33 percent said they would vote for the re-election of President Barack Obama – a slight improvement from the 29 percent in August who, at that time, said they’d vote for the president. Governor Mitt Romney remained at 58%, with President Obama’s gain since August coming from undecided voters, which now sits at

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  • 2012 Election Analysis: Obama and Oklahoma Democrats

    on Aug 27, 12 • in Presidential, Statewide • with 1 Comment

    President Obama standing in front of oil and gas piping in Cushing, Oklahoma 2012

    The simplest way to explain Pres. Barack Obama’s unpopularity in Oklahoma is a left-of-center, Harvard-educated, Chicago-politician doesn’t fit in with the Okie style of politics. But is it Obama or a symptom of a larger disease wiping out a Democrat’s chances of taking Oklahoma’s electoral votes? Consider this: Obama’s vote percentage in the most recent SoonerPoll was 29%.  In comparison to the Tulsa World’s Oklahoma Poll results over the last two decades, that’s lower than Pres. Clinton during the Lewinsky scandal or Gov. David Walters’ midnight court arraignments over campaign finance charges.  And yet, Pres

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  • Oklahomans back Romney

    on Aug 20, 12 • in Presidential, Statewide • with 4 Comments


    A word of advice for any Oklahoma Democrat running for elected office this year: hide any photos of you with President Barack Obama. The latest polling numbers show the president is about as popular in Oklahoma as the heat. Figures from the newly released Oklahoma Poll, conducted by SoonerPoll, have the president losing badly to Republican Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential race. Of the nearly 500 Oklahomans polled for the survey, only 29.4 percent said they will vote for Obama while 57.4 percent said they will vote for Romney with 13 percent unsure of

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  • Poll: Oklahoma voters favor Romney by wide margin

    on Aug 20, 12 • in PollBlog, Presidential • with No Comments


    By RANDY KREHBIEL World Staff Writer The top of the presidential ticket continues to look more like a millstone for Oklahoma Democrats, according to the most recent poll by In a survey of 495 voters taken by phone July 26-Aug. 14, only 29 percent said they would vote for the re-election of President Barack Obama – a slight improvement, but well within the poll’s margin of error, from the 27 percent in May who said they’d vote for the Democratic incumbent. Fifty-eight percent said they would vote for presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney, down

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  • Tulsa World: State still shuns Obama

    on May 21, 12 • in Oklahoma Poll, Presidential • with 5 Comments


    By RANDY KREHBIEL World Staff Writer The SoonerPoll survey may signal problems for Dems holding Boren seat. Presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney may not have done all that well in the state Republican primary, but state voters apparently will take him just about any day over President Barack Obama. Sixty-two percent of the 504 likely voters, including Democrats and independents, surveyed by May 7-10 said they would vote for Romney, compared to only 27 percent for Obama. Eleven percent were undecided. “I think we’ve found the bottom threshold of the Democratic vote,” said SoonerPoll

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  • Oklahomans get their say.

    on Mar 7, 12 • in PollBlog, Presidential • with 1 Comment


    ‘A fool and his money are soon elected.’ Will Rogers Oklahoma got its say last night in presidential politics, but took a much different course than four years ago.  Conservative Rick Santorum won a plurality of the votes, beating the more moderate Mitt Romney by six points. Four years ago, it was the more moderate John McCain beating conservative Mike Huckabee by four, who had led in early polling.  Perhaps, the general election match-ups played a greater role in Republican voters’ decision making.  In December 2007, early polling showed Oklahoma Republicans felt McCain could defeat

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  • “No Clear Consensus:” Republican Primary Panel discusses the state of the GOP primary

    on Feb 29, 12 • in Presidential, Statewide • with 6 Comments

    Former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum leads the pack of Republican primary candidates in Oklahoma, but voters think some candidates are better than others when it comes to certain attributes, according to a recent SoonerPoll study. Results indicate that a plurality of likely Republican primary voters think Santorum is the best candidate when it comes to honesty and ability to understand the problems facing people like them.  However, pluralities of Republican voters said that former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is the strongest leader with the best experience. Despite believing that other candidates are better

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  • Tulsa World: State Republicans divided on candidates’ chances

    on Feb 29, 12 • in Presidential, Statewide • with No Comments


    By Randy Krehbiel World Staff Writer OKLAHOMA CITY — The hearts and minds of Oklahoma Republicans are pulling them in different directions as the state’s GOP presidential primary approaches. Survey results released Tuesday by show that Oklahoma Republicans think former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has the best chance of beating Democratic incumbent President Barack Obama but that Newt Gingrich is a stronger leader and more experienced. But they like former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum. Seventy percent of those surveyed had a favorable opinion of Santorum, with only 14 percent unfavorable. He rated first among

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