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  • State Superintendent Candidates React To News 9 Poll

    on Sep 5, 14 • in Statewide • with No Comments - Oklahoma City, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports |

    OKLAHOMA CITY -Republican Joy Hofmeister and Democrat John Cox are in a dead heat in the state superintendent race. A News 9/News On 6 poll indicates 40.5 percent of likely voters prefer Cox, while 38.4 percent favor Hofmeister. The tie in the first statewide voter poll means more for Cox since he is neck-and-neck with the Republican candidate in a Republican state. “If we are at a dead heat right now, it just means that I have to work harder and so it encourages me to know that our hard work has paid off, but we have

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  • Poll: Oklahomans Support More Regulation of Wind Energy Development; Oppose Taxpayer Subsidies

    on Jul 17, 14 • in Featured, Statewide • with 5 Comments

    wind power generators at dusk, silhouette, 2:1 frame

    Results from the latest SoonerPoll indicate that likely Oklahoma voters, who in other polling typically oppose more regulation, believe there is not enough regulation of wind energy development or oversight of wind tax subsidies in the state. Slightly more than two-thirds (68.4%) of Oklahomans support more regulation to ensure wind turbines are properly maintained in order to avoid potential safety hazards, and 62.7 percent support local governments having more input into the development of wind energy in their areas. Voters also want to see the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, which currently oversees all other electrical generating facilities in

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  • News9/Newson6 Poll: Hofmeister Leads Incumbent Barresi in Superintendent Race

    on Jun 23, 14 • in Featured, Statewide • with No Comments

    hofmeister TULSA, Oklahoma –  Challenger Joy Hofmeister now has a lead over State Superintendent Janet Barresi, according to the latest News On 6/News 9 poll. The poll, taken June 19-21, shows Hofmeister with a 22-point lead over Barresi, who is seeking her second term. The two were nearly tied in an earlier poll taken May 5-10. The latest survey shows Hofmeister with 41.7 percent and Barresi with 19.5 percent. Brian Kelly had 14.1 percent, while nearly one in four likely Republican voters, 24.7 percent, are still undecided. Continued – Click here to read the entire Newson6 article

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  • News9/Newson6 Poll: Lankford Gains Lead Over Shannon Before Primary

    on Jun 23, 14 • in Featured, Statewide, US Senate • with No Comments


    TULSA, Oklahoma –  James Lankford now has a lead over T.W. Shannon in a heated race to replace Sen. Tom Coburn, according to a News On 6/News 9 poll. The poll, taken June 19-21, shows Lankford with 43.4 percent and Shannon with 34.9 percent, with 13.3 percent of likely Republican voters still undecided. The latest poll indicates Lankford has gained an eight-point lead over Shannon since a May 5-10 News On 6/News 9 poll showed the two front-runners nearly tied. The newest poll was conducted Thursday-Thursday, shortly after our live debate hosted here at News

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  • NEWS9/NEWS ON 6 POLL: Superintendent Janet Barresi In Close Race With Challengers

    on May 15, 14 • in Featured, Statewide • with No Comments


    By Nathan Elliott, News 9 OKLAHOMA CITY - State Superintendent Janet Barresi is in a close race with fellow Republican challengers Joy Hofmeister and Brian Kelly, according to a News 9/News On 6 poll. A survey of 580 likely Republican voters indicates 16.4 percent favor Barresi, 17.1 percent support Hofmeister and 14.3 percent favor Kelly. A little more than half of the respondents, 52.1 percent, say they’re “unsure.” Barresi faces a tough re-election as head of the State Department of Education. If she defeats her Republican challengers, she faces a Democrat challenger in the Nov.

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  • NEWS9/NEWS ON 6 POLL: First Independent Polling of Oklahoma’s U.S. Senate Primary

    on May 15, 14 • in Statewide, US Senate • with No Comments - Oklahoma City, OK - News, Weather, Video and Sports |

    REPUBLICAN PRIMARY: James Lankford and T.W. Shannon Nearly Tied In U.S. Senate Primary By Nathan Elliott, News 9 OKLAHOMA CITY - Congressman James Lankford and former Oklahoma House Speaker T.W. Shannon share a nearly even lead in the Republican primary for U.S. Senate, according to a News 9/News On 6 poll. The survey of 580 likely Republican voters shows 33.8 percent favor Lankford, while 31.9 percent support Shannon. Remaining candidates had single digit support in the poll, including former state senator Randy Brogdon (4.5 percent), college professor Kevin Crow (1.7 percent), paramedic Jason Weger (1.5 percent),

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  • Parents want children to go to college, but most aren’t saving for it

    on Mar 10, 14 • in Featured, Statewide • with No Comments


    A large majority of Oklahoma parents and grandparents – 86 percent – believe it is “very important” that their child or grandchild attends college according to a recent opinion poll conducted by ShapardResearch.  The survey shows Oklahoma parents and grandparents do understand the importance and value in children pursuing higher education; however, only 43 percent have started investing or saving for their child’s or grandchild’s college education expenses. The opinion poll, conducted via landline and cell phone to 401 Oklahoma households, unfortunately revealed that half of Oklahoman parents and grandparents believe a regular savings account

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  • The results are in: Oklahomans on saving for college

    on Mar 10, 14 • in Statewide • with No Comments

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  • Poll: Oklahomans view pensions, public sector employees and their associations very favorably

    on Mar 10, 14 • in Featured, Statewide • with No Comments


    The most recent SoonerPoll finds that Oklahomans view public sector employees very favorably, including their public pension programs and their associations. “At some point throughout the year, every Oklahoman will interact with or be affected by the work of our state or local government employees,” said Bill Shapard, CEO of “How the electorate views those who perform the work of our government is important to the overall health of our democracy.” A solid 74 percent of likely voting Oklahomans viewed state and local government employees favorably, with 12 percent having no opinion and only

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  • New Survey Shows Overwhelming Support for Caregiving Legislation

    on Mar 8, 14 • in Featured, Statewide • with No Comments


    Nearly all Oklahomans think it is important to provide better training for family caregivers, according to a new survey today released by aging advocates at the State Capitol. AARP Oklahoma, which commissioned the non-partisan survey of 400 likely Oklahoma voters, said the results were timely since the Legislature is considering a bill that would strengthen training for family caregivers and allow patients to designate a caregiver at the time of hospital admission. Senate Bill 1536 by Senator Brian Crain, R-Tulsa and Representative Harold Wright, R-Weatherford, was approved by the state Senate February 18th and now

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