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  • Parents want children to go to college, but most aren’t saving for it

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    A large majority of Oklahoma parents and grandparents – 86 percent – believe it is “very important” that their child or grandchild attends college according to a recent opinion poll conducted by ShapardResearch.  The survey shows Oklahoma parents and grandparents do understand the importance and value in children pursuing higher education; however, only 43 percent have started investing or saving for their child’s or grandchild’s college education expenses. The opinion poll, conducted via landline and cell phone to 401 Oklahoma households, unfortunately revealed that half of Oklahoman parents and grandparents believe a regular savings account

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  • The results are in: Oklahomans on saving for college

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  • Poll: Oklahomans view pensions, public sector employees and their associations very favorably

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    The most recent SoonerPoll finds that Oklahomans view public sector employees very favorably, including their public pension programs and their associations. “At some point throughout the year, every Oklahoman will interact with or be affected by the work of our state or local government employees,” said Bill Shapard, CEO of “How the electorate views those who perform the work of our government is important to the overall health of our democracy.” A solid 74 percent of likely voting Oklahomans viewed state and local government employees favorably, with 12 percent having no opinion and only

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  • New Survey Shows Overwhelming Support for Caregiving Legislation

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    Nearly all Oklahomans think it is important to provide better training for family caregivers, according to a new survey today released by aging advocates at the State Capitol. AARP Oklahoma, which commissioned the non-partisan survey of 400 likely Oklahoma voters, said the results were timely since the Legislature is considering a bill that would strengthen training for family caregivers and allow patients to designate a caregiver at the time of hospital admission. Senate Bill 1536 by Senator Brian Crain, R-Tulsa and Representative Harold Wright, R-Weatherford, was approved by the state Senate February 18th and now

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  • Oklahomans Split on replacing current Pension System with 401k-style Program

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    Results from the latest SoonerPoll indicate that likely Oklahoma voters are split over whether to replace the current pension system with a proposed 401k-style system.  In fact, a slight plurality opposed (44.8%) moving the public-sector employees’ retirement system to a 401k-style system for new employees, compared to 40.1% who supported it. Likely voters were also asked “which retirement system is best” and again there was no consensus among Oklahomans, with 44.4 percent of likely Oklahoma voters preferring 401k plans compared to a near equal 44.3 percent of respondents who prefer traditional pension plans. Further results

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  • Poll: Oklahomans Views Of Marijuana Are Changing

    on Sep 23, 13 • in Statewide • with 10 Comments


    According to latest SoonerPoll results, Oklahomans are ready to consider marijuana for medicinal purposes and decriminalization. The poll had support for medical marijuana at 71% and support for decriminalization at 57%. The poll did not ask about legalization. When considering arrest for a marijuana offense, nearly two-thirds of respondents (64%) said they should be treated instead of jailed.  Under current Oklahoma law, possession of any amount can earn one up to a year in jail for a first offense and from two to 10 years for a second offense. Marijuana sales—of any amount—can earn a sentence

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  • Oklahoma Lottery, over time, becomes more favorable

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    The Oklahoma Lottery, since being proposed in the 1990s, has been highly controversial in the state of Oklahoma.  So, it’s probably no surprise that public opinion regarding the Oklahoma lottery will probably be controversial as well. What’s interesting is favorability of the lottery has started to change. SoonerPoll began polling the lottery in 2009 when public opinion was equally divided and, interestingly, the undecided were at its lowest point. Since then, it appears those once unfavorable slowly become undecided in their opinion and favorability has slowly risen. Today, those favorable toward the lottery hold a

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  • Poll shows support for extending Insure Oklahoma

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    By WAYNE GREENE World Senior Writer Oklahomans broadly support protecting the Insure Oklahoma program, according to a poll sponsored by the advocacy group Oklahomans for a Healthy Economy. A strong majority would like to see the program extended, the poll shows. The poll of registered likely Oklahoma voters found that 55 percent support “a plan that expands Insure Oklahoma if it is paid for in part by federal money,” while only 28 percent oppose it. More 50 percent of the polled Oklahomans favored Insure Oklahoma while 15 percent opposed it, with 34 percent either unfamiliar

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  • KFOR: Poll shows likely Oklahoma voters support school shelter mandate

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    MOORE, OK — Shelters in schools has been a hot topic in Oklahoma after recent storms, so a local public opinion pollster asked some questions to see how Oklahomans felt. called over 400 likely Oklahoma voters between May 22nd and June 12th. They found that three in four Oklahomans would fully support the idea of state mandated storm shelters in all public primary schools. When Bill Shapard and his pollsters talked to Oklahomans, they expressed to them that tornado shelters should be as common as fire escapes. They also said they are willing to

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  • Statewide Poll: Most Voters Support Requiring Tornado Shelters in Schools

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    By: Warren Vieth OKLAHOMA WATCH More than three in four Oklahoma voters support the idea of requiring all primary schools to have tornado shelters and providing taxpayer-funded rebates to people who install shelters in their homes. But a solid majority does not think builders should be required to add tornado shelters to all new homes, according to a newly-released survey by The telephone survey of 402 likely voters suggests that taxpayers may be willing to pick up at least part of the tab for providing more security for schoolchildren and home dwellers in the

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