The latest SoonerPoll of likely Oklahoma gubernatorial primary voters carries good news for Congresswoman Mary Fallin and Attorney General Drew Edmondson – both are favored to win their party nominations for governor. Fallin held a commanding 53.0%-31.1% lead over district 4 Congressman Tom Cole in the Republican primary sample, while state senator Randy Brogdon trailed. On the Democratic side, Edmondson led Lieutenant Governor Jari Askins 41.9%-28.7%.

Rep. Fallin enjoys especially strong name familiarity and very high positives, especially among core Republican voters. Fallin was highly favored my male and female voters, and had the strongest favorables and is preferred across every voter demographic, inlcuding married and single voters.

Congressman Cole’s name identification is weak among Republicans compared to Rep. Fallin. His favorables are weaker among those core GOP voters who are the most likely to vote. Senator Randy Brogdon enjoyed little familiarity or support among voters. His numbers track closely with early numbers for other state lawmakers in their initial run for statewide office. He has substantial gorund to make up in name familiarity, but also substantial time to do so (filing is 14 months away).

On the Democratic side, Attorney General Edmondson enjoys stronger favorables and higher support, but it is notable that many high-propensity voters are not familiar with any of the aspirants for governor. Edmondson enjoys broader support across the entire state, while Askins familiarity and support are stronger central, southwestern, and western Oklahoma.