Oklahomans are all for stricter immigration laws but might be more open than rhetoric suggests to letting those already in the country illegally stay, the latest Oklahoma Poll found.

More than three-quarters of the 755 Oklahomans surveyed by SoonerPoll.com July 16-21 said they favor allowing illegal immigrants to remain if they admit they broke the law, pay fines and back taxes, learn English and begin the process of obtaining legal residency.

“I think they should be given that opportunity and not just up and deport them unless they’re part of some criminal element,” said poll respondent Lee Oliver of Bixby. “I think they should at least be given a chance.”

Ninety-three percent of those surveyed said they support stronger border security and immigration law enforcement throughout the country.

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  1. Its really nice that Oklah0omans are supportave of letting illegal immigrants who are here already stay here, they can learn to read and write, speak english , get social security cards etc. BUT wake up people that is NOT what they want ! they want a free ride , work for cash ( no taxes) send money home to mexico , buy shiny cars with $2000.00 worth of wheels and tires. Pay immigration fees ? thats about $2000.00 to get a green card, WAKE UP ! that aint what they want and it never has been they want the quick money and send it back home to Mexico and YOU tax payers to foot the bill for health care etc . they do not pay taxes in Mexico why would you think they want to here ? I married and woman from the Philippines and I know what and how much is involved in getting a Legal Permanent Residence (aka) GREEN CARD. I admire the people from the Philippines they want to come here leagally , work , pay taxes and have a better life BUT they have a long way to swim to get here NOT like the Mexicans who just WALK on over. Get your head out ! they only want what is free not what they have to pay for ! Grrrrrrrrrrr dumb okies