Mail Surveys

SoonerPoll is a multi-faceted company with many resources and capabilities. Did you know that we can conduct research through direct mail surveys as well? This is a very efficient and inexpensive method of survey research that can be a venue for certain industries and studies.

In March of 2007, SoonerPoll conducted a banking industry study for the Oklahoma Bankers Association (OBA). The conclusion of these findings was that gambling and pay-day lenders had a direct impact on negative impacts such as NSF charges and past due loans, bankers reported, with rural communities feeling the greatest consequences from those factors.

This was a study of 500 bank managers conducted by SoonerPoll and commissioned by OBA. The survey had a margin of error of 3.35%. The research provided by SoonerPoll provided answers for the community and allowed the banking industry of Oklahoma to provide a better product to it’s customers. If you need our help in direct mail research, please contact us right away to learn more!

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