It’s down to the wire in Campaign 2014 and our new, exclusive News On 6 poll shows the race for state school superintendent is neck and neck.

Democrat John Cox is trailing Republican Joy Hofmeister by two percentage points, but that’s within our poll’s margin of error of 3,2 percent.

The race is a dead heat and the candidates are at Charles Page High School in Sand Springs, working to sway last-minute undecided voters.

Hofmeister and Cox only have five days to convince undecided voters who don’t appear to be loyal to their party in the superintendent’s race.

“This race is a lot of the reason why straight party voting is not that much of an issue this year as it was four years ago,” said News On 6 pollster, Bill Shapard.

In our exclusive News On 6 Poll, 14 percent of Fallin supporters plan to vote for Cox, but 14 percent of Dorman supporters said they will vote for Hofmeister.

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  1. I am a registered Republican and an Educator and have to say the last 4 years in education have been a disaster. Now that my own kids are in school I’m seeing this from 2 points of view and they are both terrible. If you have kids or grandkids in school or care about the future of this state please Do Not vote straight ticket, do a little research and vote for the best candidate, straight ticket voters is why we got into this mess to begin with. For one, Fallin is pulling most of the strings behind Barressi’s decisions and she needs to go as well. If Fallin is reelected and Cox wins this race she already has plans to bypass him just like she did with the State School Board under Barressi which is completely against the law. Since I care about OK’s future my vote will be for Dorman and Cox, but please, please do your own research.