By Patrick B. McGuigan, writer at CapitolBeatOK

Results of an August survey by SoonerPoll reveal that majorities of likely Oklahoma voters want lower taxes, even if it means a smaller state government with fewer services. The polling data reveals that a majority also believes state government “wastes a lot” of money.

The SoonerPoll, conducted for the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs, builds on 2010 results pointing to voters’ beliefs government is too big and needs major overhaul.

The survey company provided CapitolBeatOK results obtained from two questions in a multi-question survey of voter opinion. In response to one query, likely voters preferred smaller government by a 2-1 margin.

For that one, results follow: “I’d rather pay higher taxes to support a larger state government that provides more services.” Only 27.6 percent of respondents agreed with that statement.

In contrast, 58.9 percent agreed with this statement: “I’d rather pay lower taxes and have a smaller state government that provides fewer services.”

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