Community Opinion

Community Opinion

Polling the Public

Collecting the opinions of Oklahomans – it is what we do. SoonerPoll is the state’s leading provider of custom public opinion polls and research to the Oklahoma media, industry leaders, nonprofit organizations and trade associations. That is why they turn to us to help them shape their message and craft their strategy when their success depends on the attitudes and opinions of Oklahomans.

Before you think you cannot afford it, talk to us first. Our pricing structure has allowed more Oklahoma associations and corporations to utilize opinion research than ever before.

Oklahoma Media

Whether they are reading the newspaper with their morning coffee, catching an evening TV newscast or listening to the radio during their morning drive, when Oklahomans listen to poll results, the pollster who provided those results is likely to be SoonerPoll.

We are the state’s most trusted pollster because Oklahoma media outlets know they can count on our proven, scientific methods – they have had plenty of opportunity to compare our results with those of our competitors. Just as important, they understand that because our focus is Oklahoma, we know how to reach the Oklahomans upon whose opinions their research depends.

Oklahoma Trade Associations and Industry Leaders

Will the voters support your legislative agenda? What would help in garnering the voting public’s support? What message works best? Research from SoonerPoll could tell you:

  • The extent to which voters support your agenda
  • The way to express your message for the most appeal to voters
  • What else you could do to build support for your issue

Armed with the specific, accurate information our research will deliver, your organization will be able to craft its message with confidence and develop a winning strategy before session begins on Lincoln Boulevard.

Why Oklahomans trust SoonerPoll

Our mission is simple: to provide the very best public opinion polling for the state of Oklahoma, and to do so in a way that enhances the overall growth of our state through a better understanding of the opinions of Oklahomans – voters, consumers and citizens.

We developed our own cutting-edge statistical method for conducting research – its effectiveness is proven again with every project we complete. We do not purchase sample data like other pollsters in the state. We use proprietary statistical modeling to determine the ‘likeliness’ of voters to vote in the next election. We handle every facet of every project we conduct, unlike our competitors, who may outsource some of the most sensitive aspects of a poll to out-of-state call centers.

But perhaps the most important reason SoonerPoll is Oklahoma’s most trusted researcher is simply this: we are the only researcher whose focus is exclusively Oklahomans. We know your audience, we know how to reach it, and we know how to deliver the results that will make your mission a success.

Don’t just take our word for it…

“At the Tulsa World, we have set standards very high in conducting the Oklahoma Poll and SoonerPoll continues to meet those standards.” Susan Ellerbach

Tulsa World