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  • President Obama’s approval falls from post-bin Laden rise

    on Jan 5, 12 • in Presidential, Statewide • with No Comments

    President Barack Obama’s approval rating in Oklahoma has fallen 6.3 points since August to 28.9 percent, according to a recent study. The November study found that 28.9 percent of likely Oklahoma voters approve of the way President Barack Obama is doing his job. By comparison, 64.8 percent disapproved and 6.3 percent had no opinion. Approval ratings from early May indicated that 33.6 percent of likely Oklahoma voters polled approved of the president, a marked improvement from his all-time low that coincided with the 2010 midterm elections. In August the president’s approval reached 34.6 percent,

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  • President Obama’s approval rating up slightly from midterm slip

    on Jul 11, 11 • in Presidential • with No Comments

    Early May approval ratings from SoonerPoll reveal that 33.6 percent of likely Oklahoma voters polled approve of the way President Barack Obama is doing his job. Though the president’s approval remains low in Oklahoma, it is a marked improvement from the steady decline that coincided with the run-up to the midterm elections which culminated in an all-time low of 26.1 percent in November. In January of this year, SoonerPoll measured the president’s approval rating for the first time since the mid-term elections and found that 29.8 percent of those polled approved of the president. If

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  • Henry finishes second term with high marks despite unpopular decisions

    on Jan 3, 11 • in Governor • with No Comments

    Governor Brad Henry will finish his second term as governor with a 70.8 percent approval rating, despite dropping significantly in the midst of a political environment often marred by anti-establishment and anti-Democrat sentiments. According to SoonerPoll, Henry’s approval rating had been slowly declining in recent years reaching his lowest approval on record of 62.2 percent in October before surging to 70.8 percent following the November election. “The remarkable thing about Brad Henry is how his approval ratings defy the political environment.” Keith Gaddie, Vice President of SoonerPoll, said. “In the past, many of us attributed

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  • Gov. Henry Remains with Strong Approval Despite Being on the Opposite Side of the Electorate on Most Issues

    on May 13, 09 • in Governor • with 4 Comments

    A recent SoonerPoll shows Governor Brad Henry’s approval ratings remain high, despite being opposite voters on many initiatives. The poll results show two out of every three Oklahomans approve of the job Governor Brad Henry has performed so far in this term. However, results also show many of the same respondents disapprove of many of his initiatives and support many that he has vetoed. In the same poll, respondents said that they approve English as the official state language, they do not approve of Henry accepting stimulus funds for the state, that they approve mandating

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