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  • Tulsa World Poll shows most Tulsans still have faith in police department

    on Nov 27, 11 • in Diverse, Oklahoma Poll, Tulsa • with 1 Comment

    By RANDY KREHBIEL World Staff Writer The most recent Oklahoma Poll suggests that a long-running corruption investigation has caused little if any damage to the Tulsa Police Department’s reputation with the public. Seventy percent of the 508 Tulsans surveyed said they were satisfied that Tulsa police are “honest, ethical and professional in carrying out their duties,” regardless of charges that brought convictions, admissions of wrongdoing or guilty pleas from five TPD officers and one federal agent. “Whatever organization you’re dealing with, there are always going to be one or two not on the up-and-up. The

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  • Tulsa World Poll shows strong support for Tulsa’s Fix Our Streets program

    on Nov 23, 11 • in Diverse, Oklahoma Poll, Tulsa • with No Comments

    By BRIAN BARBER World Staff Writer Most Tulsans are happy with the way the $451.6 million Fix Our Streets effort is going and will vote to renew the improvements tax package when it’s time, a new Tulsa World-sponsored poll showed. The effort to rebuild and repair the city’s crumbling arterial and residential streets was approved by voters in 2008, with the work to wrap up in 2014. Those polled were asked whether they approve or disapprove of how the work is progressing. A large majority – 64 percent – said they somewhat-to-strongly approve, while

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  • Oklahoma Poll: Tulsa lacks leadership

    on Nov 15, 11 • in Oklahoma Poll, Tulsa • with No Comments

    By RANDY KREHBIEL World Staff Writer Dissatisfaction with the city’s leadership is at a four-year high, according to the most recent Oklahoma Poll. Thirty-four percent of the 508 likely Tulsa voters surveyed Oct. 27-Nov. 1 named lack of political leadership the city’s No. 1 problem, easily putting it at the top of the list. It’s by far the largest share that response has received in the five times since 2007 that the Oklahoma Poll has asked Tulsa voters the same question. The previous high was in October 2008, when 13 percent named leadership as the

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  • Poll shows most would pick another candidate over Bartlett

    on Nov 13, 11 • in Diverse, Oklahoma Poll, Tulsa • with No Comments

    By BRIAN BARBER & P.J. LASSEK World Staff Writers Mayor Dewey Bartlett won’t face re-election until 2013, but a new Tulsa World-sponsored poll shows that, if the election happened today, 58 percent of Tulsans would vote for another candidate. The scientific survey indicates 26 percent would vote for Bartlett, while 16 percent didn’t know or refused to answer. That could give other candidates the confidence to challenge Bartlett,’s Bill Shapard said, but two years is forever in politics, so a lot could change for the mayor. “It’s a long time, and a lot of

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  • Tulsa World Poll: Poll finds voters split on campaigning by police, firefighters

    on Nov 8, 11 • in Oklahoma Poll, Tulsa • with No Comments

    By Randy Krehbiel – Tulsa World Staff Writer A Tulsa firefighter campaigns during a city election in July 2009. [News on 6 file photo] Tulsans are split almost evenly over whether firefighters and other city employees should have been allowed to actively campaign in this year’s city elections. Mayor Dewey Bartlett issued an executive order this year banning such activities, reversing the policy of his predecessor Kathy Taylor. An even 50 percent of the 508 likely voters surveyed by from Oct. 27-Nov. 1 agreed with Bartlett. Forty-seven percent said the police and firefighters should

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  • Tulsa World Poll: Majority oppose City Charter changes

    on Nov 6, 11 • in Diverse, Oklahoma Poll, Tulsa • with No Comments

    By P.J. LASSEK & BRIAN BARBER World Staff Writers Tulsans may be fed up with City Hall controversies, but a new Tulsa World-sponsored poll indicates a majority of voters aren’t ready to adopt a council-city manager form of government or to add at-large councilors to the current structure. But they do support with slight majorities returning councilors to two-year terms and moving to nonpartisan races. CEO Bill Shapard said he is cautious about the poll results on the four City Charter amendments because they are barely majorities. Noncandidate issues can also be particularly unstable

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  • Tulsa World: Tulsa mayor announces 53 new streetlights to help fight crime

    on Sep 29, 11 • in PollBlog • with No Comments

    By BRIAN BARBER World Staff Writer Mayor Dewey Bartlett and utility officials announced Wednesday that 53 new streetlights will be installed as part of the “Lights On!” initiative. “Citizens told us through a survey that more lights in neighborhoods would make them feel safer at night,” Bartlett said during a news conference at the corner of Lewis Avenue and Mohawk Boulevard. “This wasn’t just in one specific area of Tulsa but throughout Tulsa that people felt this way, and we are trying to react to that in a positive way.” Mohawk from Lewis to Peoria

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  • Most OK with the Vision’s status.

    on Mar 29, 05 • in Oklahoma Poll • with No Comments

    Pollsters register that the majority of Tulsans approve of how the Vision 2025 project is progressing. Most Tulsa residents approve of the status of the $535 million Vision 2025 capital improvements initiative, the latest Oklahoma Poll shows. When asked how the Vision 2025 process is going, 21.2 percent strongly approve, 33.4 percent somewhat approve, 14.8 percent somewhat disapprove, 22.4 percent strongly disapprove and 8.2 percent didn’t know or refused to answer. “Those who approve of Vision 2025 are the clear majority,” said poll consultant Al Soltow, the executive director of research at the University of

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  • Poll favors 5 bond items.

    on Mar 27, 05 • in Oklahoma Poll • with No Comments

    Voters surveyed had qualms about the funding of public facilities improvements. Five of the six ballot propositions that make up the city’s $250 million general obligation bond package seem headed to approval by voters April 5, the latest Oklahoma Poll shows. The ballot items addressing transportation, sanitary sewer, flood control and police and fire needs were supported in the survey by strong margins, ranging from 59 percent to 74.2 percent. The fate of the proposition to fund public facilities repairs and improvements, which had 45.4 percent support, is in the hands of undecided voters, the

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