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OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma voters were satisfied overall with the outcome of the Presidential and the U.S. Senate elections that were held earlier this month, according to a post election survey conducted by SoonerPoll.com.

The telephone poll of 500 statewide likely voters commissioned by Fox25 in Oklahoma City and KSWO Channel 7 in Lawton was conducted Monday to Wednesday of this week. The margin of error was 4.4%.

A full 92% of Republican voters in Oklahoma were satisfied with the outcome of the presidential race, with just under half of all Democrats satisfied. Among those Democrat voters, 81% of conservative voters were satisfied while an almost equal amount of liberal Democrat voters were unsatisfied.

‘Moral issues’ ranked as the number one issue (nearly 40%) among Oklahoma voters when going to the polls earlier this month. While Democrats, Independents and Republicans all picked ‘moral issues’ as their number one issue, liberal voters chose the ‘economy/jobs’ as their number one issue.

While Oklahoma has been trending toward Republicans, the change in control over the State House still shows divide between the two parties. Of Republican voters, 90% were happy with the shift of power, although 56% of Democrat voters were unhappy with the change. African-American voters, who are pre-dominantly Democrat voters, were the unhappiest at 82%.

As far the presidential and senatorial debates, slightly more voters found them to be unhelpful. Women voters were slightly more likely to find the debates helpful than male voters.

Television was the top choice among voters when it comes to getting news about the elections, and all voters felt the press was fair in the way it covered both senate candidates, although Oklahomans felt the press was slightly fairer to Brad Carson (63%) than Tom Coburn (57%).

Most voters felt the wording on the ballot for the state questions was more helpful than unhelpful, 58% to 38%. However, more Oklahomans felt the news media was even helpful when it came to informing them on the state questions, 62% to 33%.

While not on the ballot this year, Governor Brad Henry (D), Lt. Governor Mary Fallin (R) and Senior U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe all received high marks from Oklahomans above 60%. Attorney General Drew Edmondson was just above 50%.

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OKLAHOMA CITY – With less than 4 days until the election, the numbers for Oklahoma’s open U.S. Senate seat are moving. Tom Coburn (R) has taken a significant lead over Brad Carson (D) for the first time since the primary.

SoonerPoll.com, a public opinion research firm in Oklahoma City, conducted the telephone poll of 498 statewide likely voters Wednesday and Thursday for Fox25 in Oklahoma City and KSWO in Lawton showing Coburn with 44.4%, Carson with 35.1%, Independent Sheila Bilyeu with 4.2%, and 16.3% still undecided. The margin of error was 4.4%.

In cross-party voting, Coburn has the advantage. A full 25% of Democrats report they will vote for Coburn, compared to Carson’s 11.6% of Republican supporters. Carson is getting support of only half his own party, but 58.3% of Independents.

The most significant change was in the two major metropolitan areas. Coburn gained over 10% in each of Oklahoma’s two largest media markets – Oklahoma City and Tulsa, while Carson lost 10% in Tulsa and 8% in Oklahoma City.

The number of undecided voters declined again this week, as both candidates pledged to stop negative campaigning.

A former Carson contributor, who was also the attorney for Dr. Coburn over the sterilization case, remained a centerpiece of Coburn’s advertising this week. The ads focus on his personal knowledge of the case and how Carson declined to pull his Medicaid fraud ads even after knowing the charges were baseless.

Carson, however, began running ads announcing his decision to pull all negative ads paid for by his campaign, and to publicly encourage any and all outside groups to stop running negative campaign ads as well.

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Ten days out and the race for Oklahoma’s open U.S. Senate seat couldn’t get any uglier. A poll by SoonerPoll.com, a public opinion firm in Oklahoma City, conducted Wednesday and Thursday showed Tom Coburn (R) with 38.0%, Brad Carson (D) with 36.8%, Independent Sheila Bilyeu with 5.8%, and 19.4% undecided.

The telephone poll, conducted for Fox25 News in Oklahoma City and KSWO-TV in Lawton, included 500 statewide likely general election voters, with a margin of error of 4.4%.

Last week, both candidates’ numbers had risen over 40%, but this week both dropped, Carson taking the worst hit losing 6.5 points. Coburn, while losing 2.6 points, seems to be weathering the storm better than his Democratic opponent. Undecided voters climbed 5.4 points back to 19.4% where they have hovered since August due in large part to the overall negativity that has overtaken this race. Though Coburn has taken the lead for the first time since September, it is still within the margin of error.

The next week will prove pivotal for both candidates as conservative Democratic voters and moderate Republican voters, two groups that make up the largest percentage of undecided voters, begin to make their final decisions during the home stretch.

This week, two new ads were released once again accusing Tom Coburn of Medicaid fraud in the sterilization of an underage woman in the early 90’s. The conservative Club for Growth released an animated ad showing a dancing Brad Carson and his liberal ties, and the Republican Senatorial Committee has shown ads insisting that a vote for Carson is a vote against President Bush.

Officials at both parties are also worried about turning out their voters on Election Day, due in large part to the heavy impact of negative campaigning.

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Only eighteen days before the election, Brad Carson (D) regained his lead over Tom Coburn (R) in the U.S. Senate race. The lead, however, is still within the margin of error.

SoonerPoll.com, a public opinion research firm in Oklahoma City, conducted the telephone poll of 300 statewide likely voters Thursday for Fox25 in Oklahoma City and KSWO in Lawton showing Carson with 43.3%, Coburn with 40.6%, 2% for Independent Sheila Bilyeu and 14% undecided. The survey had a margin of error of 5.7%.

The week since the last Senate debate has given voters a chance to reflect and make their choices. The number of undecided voters dropped seven points to 14%, the biggest move of the week.

This week’s poll also marks the first time both candidates are both over 40%. Carson gained 3.5 points this week, while Coburn gained 1.4.

In the last week, Brad Carson received an endorsement from former Oklahoma football coach Barry Switzer, who also supported Governor Brad Henry two years ago.

Both sides have released ads accusing the other of “flip-flopping” on the issues. As one of the most watched Senate races in the country this year, both the Republican and Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committees have thrown considerable support behind their respective candidates.

Meanwhile, questions over Dr. Coburn’s Medicaid billing has remained an issue since surfacing more than three weeks ago.

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Following two debates of the candidates, one on NBC’s Meet the Press and another in Oklahoma City, both Brad Carson (D) and Tom Coburn (R) are tied with just under a month left to campaign.

SoonerPoll.com, a public opinion research firm in Oklahoma City, conducted the telephone poll of 330 statewide likely voters Thursday for Fox25 in Oklahoma City showing Carson with 39.8%, 39.2% for Coburn and 21% undecided. The survey had a margin of error of 5.4%.

It would appear that Carson has begun to lose grip of his party base losing 21.4% of Democrats, up from 18% just a week ago. Meanwhile, Coburn has gained 2 points among Republican voters, bringing his cross-party advantage to 10%.

Coburn’s support among both men and women has grown with 5% more women now undecided, leaving political observers to speculate that Carson may have gone too far with a controversial TV ad attacking Coburn over tornado funding five years ago.

Coburn also had Vice President Dick Cheney visit Oklahoma on his behalf and announced earlier this week that former President George H. W. Bush would visit the state later this month.

The two televised debates may also have had an impact on the race, giving more Oklahoma voters a chance to see both candidates together for the first time during this campaign.

The TV ad war continued this week as the Republican Senatorial Committee began running a controversial ad that this week drew criticism from the Democratic senatorial committee. The ad draws from an earlier Carson ad about illegal immigration driving down wages, ending with Carson saying one thing in Oklahoma and voting another way in Washington. Democrats condemned the ad as ‘race-baiting,’ showing images of Hispanic farm workers and black hands receiving welfare dollars.

Also, Coburn’s latest TV ad ties Carson to a liberal group who opposes the war on terror, while comparing Carson’s record to Democratic Presidential nominee John Kerry’s. No new ads from Carson have been released.

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Support for U.S. Senate candidate Brad Carson (D) continued to increase this week, while Republican Tom Coburn’s support remained steady. Carson’s lead is once again outside the margin of error.

SoonerPoll.com, a public opinion research firm in Oklahoma City, conducted the telephone poll of 553 statewide likely voters for Fox25 in Oklahoma City showing Carson with 44.1%, 37.2% for Coburn and 18.8% undecided. The survey had a margin of error of 4.1%.

Both candidates continue to dominate within their own parties, while Carson also added to his lead among women voters and developed more support from Independent voters.

Coburn’s strongest support is among the youngest group of voters, ages 18-34, while Carson’s support comes from the more coveted end of the spectrum leading with seniors 65 and over. Baby-boomers, ages 50-64 have the highest numbers of undecided voters, although Carson leads with 9 points.

Coburn leads Carson among cross-party voters by 5%, although political observers have noted that Coburn must do better among Democrats to win in a state still dominated by Democratic registration.

Furthermore, some high-ranking Republicans wonder whether the lottery and tribal gaming issues on the ballot will have the same impact as cock fighting did two years ago. Many believe Governor Brad Henry (D) benefited from the higher turnout of those who came to the polls to vote against the cock-fighting ban. This week’s poll shows those supporting Carson also overwhelmingly support the lottery and gaming ballot initiatives.

The Republican National Committee started airing television ads on Coburn’s behalf introducing him as a former congressman who kept his promises.

Meanwhile, Carson continued his attack on Coburn, characterizing him as a far-right extremist, and defining himself as someone who will fight for Oklahoma in Washington.

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OKLAHOMA CITY — Tom Coburn (R) may have made up some ground over the last week, but remains in a tight battle with Brad Carson (D) and within the margin of error to replace retiring Senator Don Nickles next year.

SoonerPoll.com, a public opinion research firm in Oklahoma City, conducted the telephone poll of 394 statewide likely voters for Fox25 in Oklahoma City showing Carson with 39.8%, 37% for Coburn and 23.3% undecided. The survey had a margin of error of 4.9%.

“The poll presents several weaknesses of both candidates and could very well explain why the race is so tight,” Bill Shapard said, President of SoonerPoll.com. “Coburn is in a 6% deficit among women voters yet only leads with men voters by less than 2%. Carson, on the other hand, is trailing Coburn among Independent voters by more than 38 points.”

Both candidates dominate within their own party with Coburn receiving 63% of Republican support and Carson backed by 59% of Democrats. Almost an equal number of Republicans and Democrats, 22% and 23% respectively, remain undecided.

Interestingly, the percentage of undecided voters has steadily climbed since the first poll was conducted, signaling more and more voters are wanting a little more time to sort out all of the rhetoric in the race.

Coburn stepped up his television advertising this week featuring Carson’s photo in a jigsaw puzzle. The ad focuses on comparing Carson’s voting record in the U.S. House to more liberal members of Congress and distancing Carson’s votes from President Bush. To date, no significant airing of ads on behalf of Coburn have begun from Republican organizations or the Club for Growth, who spent hundreds of thousands on Coburn in the Republican primary.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee continues to pour more money into television ads on behalf of Carson. A new ad, featuring Dr. Coburn’s head on a jack-in-the-box, focuses on his recent controversial comments while defining Coburn as a far-right extremist.

Still trying to capitalize on Coburn’s blunt remarks, Carson himself unveiled a new ad that centers on the ‘good vs. evil’ comment made by Coburn at a Tulsa debate.

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OKLAHOMA CITY — The leader in the polls in the U.S. Senate race in Oklahoma has changed for a second time as Brad Carson (D) takes the lead in what is expected to be one of closest and most watched Senate races in the country.

SoonerPoll.com, a public opinion research firm in Oklahoma City, conducted the telephone poll of 412 statewide general election voters. The survey had a margin of error of 4.8%.

Since Labor Day, Tom Coburn (R) has found himself on the defense from comments he has made at several events, from calling state legislators ‘crapheads’, defining this race as one between ‘good and evil’, and questioning whether all members of the Cherokee Nation are Indians.

Just yesterday, a story surfaced about a former patient of Dr. Coburn who claims he sterilized her without her permission.

On behalf of Carson, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee began television ads attacking Coburn for not voting to fund the Oklahoma City cross-town interstate project while in Congress. When asked recently by the media if he supported the project, Coburn replied, ‘You bet.’

Carson’s own TV ads have focused on his efforts for seniors, including his support for a prescription drug plan in Medicare. Meanwhile, Coburn’s TV ads have focused on legislation he authored in Congress to reduce wasteful spending and his efforts to reduce the national debt.

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OKLAHOMA CITY — Coming off of a competitive primary in late July, Tom Coburn (R) started the month of August almost even with his Democratic competitor Brad Carson, considering the margin of error of 3.5%. Yet, August was a good month for the former congressman from Muskogee, gaining a slight lead by the end of month and just beyond the margin of error.

SoonerPoll.com, a public opinion research firm in Oklahoma City, conducted the tracking survey of 435 statewide general election voters on August 30th, and compared the results with a baseline poll run on July 30th just after the primary.

“As both candidates are working hard to define this race, it would appear that Dr. Coburn is beginning to establish a small lead,” said Kristen Starkey, Vice President of Research for SoonerPoll.com. “However, there is still a lot of time until election day.”

To date, the race has focused on transportation spending. Carson has attacked Coburn for turning down federal highway money while in Congress, while Coburn has defended his record calling the spending bill “corrupt and wasteful.” Coburn has pointed to the need for courageous leadership with those willing to make the tough budget decisions.

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