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  • Balancing the budget and concern over debt unite Oklahomans

    on Oct 3, 11 • in PollBlog • with No Comments

    The national debt currently stands at over $14.7 trillion, and that sum causes great concern to Oklahomans, regardless of political affiliation. By the same token, an overwhelming majority of Oklahomans support a constitutional amendment to require a balanced federal budget. SoonerPoll recently conducted a survey that asked respondents’ thoughts on the national debt, and on a balanced budget amendment, and I think you’ll find the results to be interesting. Here in Oklahoma, support for requiring the federal budget to be balanced has broad appeal. 76.2% of those polled supported such a measure, while just 17.7%

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  • Poll: Is student learning tied to education spending?

    on Mar 18, 10 • in Statewide • with 1 Comment

    According to a recent SoonerPoll, most Oklahomans do not believe that students will learn more if more money is spent on public schools. When asked if they agree with the statement “If more money is spent on public schools in my district, students will learn more.” 63.6 percent of likely Oklahoma voters disagreed with the statement. “The findings of the survey indicate that many voters are ready for reform in the school system that does not necessarily mean spending more money,” Bill Shapard, CEO of SoonerPoll, said. “These results are consistent with the conservative values

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  • Oklahomans Trend Conservative Following The National Elections, But Will The Trend Stick?

    on Jun 9, 09 • in Statewide • with No Comments

    The line between conservative and moderate political ideology in Oklahoma became less visible during the 2008 party conventions and presidential election. A series of public opinion polls conducted by SoonerPoll and TvPoll from October of 2004 reveal that Oklahoma has been trending conservative, though the 2008 presidential campaign moderated that trend for the latter part of 2008. Poll results show that during the 2008 conventions and election Oklahoma trended away from conservative views as the number of moderates rose 9 percentage points to 41 percent, while conservative numbers dropped 4 points to 46 percent. “The

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