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  • Fallin has high favorable rating going into 2013

    on Jan 8, 13 • in Governor, Statewide • with 5 Comments

    In Thomas, Okla. (AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki)

    Oklahomans seem to love their governors, whether male or female, Republican, or Democrat.  At least the last few anyway. The latest SoonerPoll results show Governor Mary Fallin, the state’s first female governor, with a 65.0% combined favorability rating.  Of the near two-thirds with a favorable opinion, 29.6% responded with ‘very favorable’ toward the Governor and 35.4% with ‘somewhat favorable.’  Those with an unfavorable opinion were 24.4%, and 10.7% did not have an opinion. The same love was also shown for Governor Brad Henry during his tenure with approval ranging from 62% to as high as

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  • After nearly a year in office majority approve of Governor Fallin

    on Jan 10, 12 • in Governor, Statewide • with 4 Comments

    After nearly a year on the job, 70 percent of likely Oklahoma voters approve of the way Governor Mary Fallin is doing her job, a recent study reveals. Results from the poll indicate that 69.3 percent of respondents approve, 16.2 percent disapprove, and 14.5 percent either do not have an opinion or do not know Mary Fallin.  The study was fielded between November 17 and December 6, 2011. Although this is the first time SoonerPoll has released the governor’s approval ratings since she took office last January, it is not the first time the

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  • Henry finishes second term with high marks despite unpopular decisions

    on Jan 3, 11 • in Governor • with No Comments

    Governor Brad Henry will finish his second term as governor with a 70.8 percent approval rating, despite dropping significantly in the midst of a political environment often marred by anti-establishment and anti-Democrat sentiments. According to SoonerPoll, Henry’s approval rating had been slowly declining in recent years reaching his lowest approval on record of 62.2 percent in October before surging to 70.8 percent following the November election. “The remarkable thing about Brad Henry is how his approval ratings defy the political environment.” Keith Gaddie, Vice President of SoonerPoll, said. “In the past, many of us attributed

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  • Calvey takes early lead in Republican 5th Congressional race, yet many remain undecided

    on Mar 15, 10 • in US House • with No Comments


    Oklahoma City — Former State Representative Kevin Calvey has a two-to-one lead over the next closest challenger in Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District seat being vacated by Rep. Mary Fallin, who is running for Governor. However, a large percentage of likely voters remain undecided with the election a little more than four months away. “Calvey’s early lead should be expected since he had previously run for the seat in 2006,” said Dr. Keith Gaddie, Vice-President of “However, there is a lot of time left in this contest and tremendous room for all candidates, including Calvey,

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  • Oklahoma Governor’s Race

    on May 2, 09 • in Governor • with No Comments

    A recent SoonerPoll finds Mary Fallin and Jari Askins as front runners in the next governor race among likely Oklahoma voters. The poll which asked voters who they would vote for if the gubernatorial election were held today, found that Republicans favored Mary Fallin, the Congresswoman for Oklahoma’s 5th congressional district, while Democrats favored Jari Askins, the Lieutenant Governor of Oklahoma. Fallin leads the polls as the Republican candidate, with 45.3 percent of republicans polled saying they would vote for her if the election was held now. Fallin’s 45.3 percent is a substantial lead, nearly

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  • Fallin, Edmondson Early Favorites For Governor In Latest SoonerPoll

    on Mar 9, 09 • in Governor • with No Comments

    The latest SoonerPoll of likely Oklahoma gubernatorial primary voters carries good news for Congresswoman Mary Fallin and Attorney General Drew Edmondson – both are favored to win their party nominations for governor. Fallin held a commanding 53.0%-31.1% lead over district 4 Congressman Tom Cole in the Republican primary sample, while state senator Randy Brogdon trailed. On the Democratic side, Edmondson led Lieutenant Governor Jari Askins 41.9%-28.7%. Rep. Fallin enjoys especially strong name familiarity and very high positives, especially among core Republican voters. Fallin was highly favored my male and female voters, and had the strongest

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