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  • Oklahoma voters cite “lack of jobs” as top reason for lower percentage of population working

    on Jul 14, 11 • in Statewide • with No Comments

    SoonerPoll found that likely Oklahoma voters cite a lack of job opportunities, an undereducated population and over dependency on the oil and gas industry as the top reasons a below average percentage of Oklahoma’s population is working. Recent U.S. Census Bureau data revealed that 40.7 percent of Oklahoma’s population is working, compared with 45.4 percent nationally.  When respondents were asked what is most to blame for the disparity “Oklahoma’s lack of job opportunities” was the most popular response, with 26.7 percent. “Oklahoma’s population is undereducated” and “Oklahoma is too dependent on the oil and gas

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  • What is Senator Tom Coburn’s brand?

    on Jul 12, 11 • in US Senate • with 1 Comment


    SoonerPoll added a new question to the most recent Quarterly Poll, that is designed to gain an understanding of why likely Oklahoma voters feel the way they do about their elected officials. We asked likely Oklahoma voters “What one word best describes your impression of Tom Coburn?” Results reveal that 37 respondents answered ‘Conservative,’  making it the most popular response.    ‘Good’ and ‘Honest’ were the second and third most popular responses with 33 and 32 respondents respectively. To illustrate these results, all of the responses were entered into a program called Wordle, which creates

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  • President Obama’s approval rating up slightly from midterm slip

    on Jul 11, 11 • in Presidential • with No Comments

    Early May approval ratings from SoonerPoll reveal that 33.6 percent of likely Oklahoma voters polled approve of the way President Barack Obama is doing his job. Though the president’s approval remains low in Oklahoma, it is a marked improvement from the steady decline that coincided with the run-up to the midterm elections which culminated in an all-time low of 26.1 percent in November. In January of this year, SoonerPoll measured the president’s approval rating for the first time since the mid-term elections and found that 29.8 percent of those polled approved of the president. If

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  • Medicaid smoker fees popular with Oklahoma voters

    on Jun 28, 11 • in Statewide • with No Comments

    In a recent poll conducted by SoonerPoll, 53 percent of likely Oklahoma voters indicated that they would support a proposal to levy a $50 fee on Medicaid enrollees that smoke. The poll also revealed that 38.3 percent of likely Oklahoma voters polled would oppose such a proposal, while 8.7 percent had no opinion. Jason Sutton, Health Care Policy Analyst at the Oklahoma Council for Public Affairs, said these results show that Oklahomans recognize that unhealthy behaviors drive health costs to unsustainable limits. “What Oklahomans are saying is that citizens who lead an unhealthy lifestyle in

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  • Majority of likely Oklahoma voters think the average tax burden is too high

    on Jun 7, 11 • in Statewide • with No Comments

    A SoonerPoll conducted in May reveals that 54.4 percent of likely Oklahoma voters think the current tax burden is too high. By comparison, 32.6 percent of respondents said they think the tax burden is about right and only 3.3 percent of respondents said the tax burden is too low. Respondents were read the following question: “According to the Tax Foundation, the average Oklahoman worked from January 1 until April 2, 2011 to earn enough money to pay this year’s tax obligations at the federal, state and local levels. That’s a total tax burden of roughly

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  • Likely Oklahoma voters agree welfare policies should be changed to remove disincentives to marriage

    on Jun 3, 11 • in Statewide • with No Comments

    According to a recent SoonerPoll, 70.3 percent of likely Oklahoma voters believe that the current welfare system discourages marriage and should be changed. By comparison, 20.6 percent of respondents said the system does not need to be changed and 9 percent had no opinion. Respondents were asked the following question: “Oftentimes, under Oklahoma’s current welfare system, a young woman can receive more financial benefits by remaining single than by marrying the father of her children. Other times, a woman who is already married, can receive more financial benefits by separating from or divorcing her husband

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  • Oklahoma voters in favor of making changes to higher education administration

    on Mar 7, 11 • in Statewide • with No Comments

    A recent study conducted by SoonerPoll found that a majority of Oklahoma’s likely voters would prefer the state’s public universities to cut spending if less revenue is available. The survey asked respondents to choose between the following options in the event of a revenue shortage: raise tuition; increase class size; delay new facilities; freeze faculty pay; reduce administrative overhead; require professors to teach more students and do less research; or raise taxes. ‘Reduce administrative overhead’ was the top response with support from 37.8 percent of respondents, followed by ‘delay new facilities’ with 12.8 percent. ‘Freeze

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