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  • Balancing the budget and concern over debt unite Oklahomans

    on Oct 3, 11 • in PollBlog • with No Comments

    The national debt currently stands at over $14.7 trillion, and that sum causes great concern to Oklahomans, regardless of political affiliation. By the same token, an overwhelming majority of Oklahomans support a constitutional amendment to require a balanced federal budget. SoonerPoll recently conducted a survey that asked respondents’ thoughts on the national debt, and on a balanced budget amendment, and I think you’ll find the results to be interesting. Here in Oklahoma, support for requiring the federal budget to be balanced has broad appeal. 76.2% of those polled supported such a measure, while just 17.7%

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  • Majority of likely Oklahoma voters think the average tax burden is too high

    on Jun 7, 11 • in Statewide • with No Comments

    A SoonerPoll conducted in May reveals that 54.4 percent of likely Oklahoma voters think the current tax burden is too high. By comparison, 32.6 percent of respondents said they think the tax burden is about right and only 3.3 percent of respondents said the tax burden is too low. Respondents were read the following question: “According to the Tax Foundation, the average Oklahoman worked from January 1 until April 2, 2011 to earn enough money to pay this year’s tax obligations at the federal, state and local levels. That’s a total tax burden of roughly

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  • Are Oklahomans’ opinions of political parties changing?

    on Apr 5, 10 • in Statewide • with No Comments

    A recent SoonerPoll finds Oklahomans’ opinions of political parties have changed since last April, but only time will tell whether these changes are part of a larger trend. The poll conducted this March asked likely Oklahoma voters questions to gauge favorability of national and local party organizations. The exact same questions were asked last April and the new results reveal that public opinion has changed since last year. Favorability of the National Democratic Party dropped 1.3 percentage points since April while the percentage of Oklahoman’s with unfavorable opinions of the party held at exactly

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