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  • Poll: voters oppose the state government collecting public employee association dues

    on Jan 26, 12 • in Statewide • with 2 Comments

    A majority of likely Oklahoma voters support removing the law that allows state employees the option of having their public employee association dues, formerly known as union dues, withheld from their paycheck, according to a recent study. The study found that 56 percent of respondents would like to see the state government removed from the employee association dues collection process.  By comparison, 32.3 percent of respondents said they opposed removing the provision, while 11.7 percent had no opinion. In 2001, voters passed Right-to-Work in Oklahoma, which says that an employee has a right to

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  • Gingrich leads Romney by two-to-one margin in Oklahoma

    on Dec 20, 11 • in Presidential, Statewide • with 3 Comments


    Republican presidential candidate and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich received the support of one-third of the 400 likely Republican Primary voters polled in a recent study. With 33.3 percent plurality, Gingrich leads in Oklahoma by more than a two-to-one margin over former Governor Mitt Romney who came in second with 14.3 percent. “Since Republican primary candidates rarely visit Oklahoma on the campaign trail, it is not uncommon for Oklahoman’s opinions to mirror national polls receiving media attention,” Bill Shapard, CEO of, said. The SoonerPoll went in the field on November 17,

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  • Most women unfamiliar with risks, symptoms and tests to detect Ovarian Cancer

    on Sep 19, 11 • in Statewide • with 1 Comment

    A survey by on behalf of Ovarian Cancer Awareness indicates many Oklahoma women are confused about known risk factors for ovarian cancer as well as which medical tests can help detect ovarian cancer. The study also revealed that respondents were unfamiliar with several symptoms of ovarian cancer. “It’s not surprising that we are finding some of these results,” said Anna Schlichting, organizer of Anna’s Belles, Oklahoma’s only ovarian cancer support group. “Symptoms of ovarian cancer are so vague, it’s easy to attribute them to other conditions.” When asked about known risk factors, two in

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  • Oklahoma voters cite “lack of jobs” as top reason for lower percentage of population working

    on Jul 14, 11 • in Statewide • with No Comments

    SoonerPoll found that likely Oklahoma voters cite a lack of job opportunities, an undereducated population and over dependency on the oil and gas industry as the top reasons a below average percentage of Oklahoma’s population is working. Recent U.S. Census Bureau data revealed that 40.7 percent of Oklahoma’s population is working, compared with 45.4 percent nationally.  When respondents were asked what is most to blame for the disparity “Oklahoma’s lack of job opportunities” was the most popular response, with 26.7 percent. “Oklahoma’s population is undereducated” and “Oklahoma is too dependent on the oil and gas

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  • President Obama’s approval rating up slightly from midterm slip

    on Jul 11, 11 • in Presidential • with No Comments

    Early May approval ratings from SoonerPoll reveal that 33.6 percent of likely Oklahoma voters polled approve of the way President Barack Obama is doing his job. Though the president’s approval remains low in Oklahoma, it is a marked improvement from the steady decline that coincided with the run-up to the midterm elections which culminated in an all-time low of 26.1 percent in November. In January of this year, SoonerPoll measured the president’s approval rating for the first time since the mid-term elections and found that 29.8 percent of those polled approved of the president. If

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  • Medicaid smoker fees popular with Oklahoma voters

    on Jun 28, 11 • in Statewide • with No Comments

    In a recent poll conducted by SoonerPoll, 53 percent of likely Oklahoma voters indicated that they would support a proposal to levy a $50 fee on Medicaid enrollees that smoke. The poll also revealed that 38.3 percent of likely Oklahoma voters polled would oppose such a proposal, while 8.7 percent had no opinion. Jason Sutton, Health Care Policy Analyst at the Oklahoma Council for Public Affairs, said these results show that Oklahomans recognize that unhealthy behaviors drive health costs to unsustainable limits. “What Oklahomans are saying is that citizens who lead an unhealthy lifestyle in

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