It would restrict tenures in all statewide elected offices.

Oklahoma voters overwhelmingly support a proposed state constitutional amendment that would extend term limits to all statewide offices, the latest Oklahoma Poll found.

More than three-fourths of the 621 likely voters surveyed said they favor the proposed amendment, which is expected to appear on a statewide ballot this year.

Only 17 percent opposed the idea.

The proposition, State Question 747, would limit lieutenant governors, attorneys general, state auditors, labor commissioners, insurance commissioners and superintendents of public instruction to two four-year terms. Corporation commissioners, who serve six-year terms, would also be limited to two terms.

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  1. Best idea i have heard,only we need to start with the School Board and go all the way to the White House.Our Office holders are only interested in staying in office long enough to get a retirement and dont care about the job.
    Iam so tired of all the liars and cheats that are holding office,Judges,District Attorneys,Sheriffs,County Comm.School Boards,All the offices at the local level are full of crooks and these people just keep their office open long enough to stay out of trouble.We dont have the proper safe guards to make sure these people are doing their jobs.