By D.R. STEWART World Staff Writer

Have the security measures at airports gone too far since 9/11? We asked passengers at Tulsa International Airport for their thoughts:

“If I’m going to be flying, I want to be sure that the people I’m with are there for the same reason I am. The complaints I hear (about passenger screening) are a bunch of nothing. Whatever we can do to make us safer is just fine.”

Brian Smith, Panama, Okla., pastor, Panama First Assembly of God

“It doesn’t bother me at all. It inconveniences me a little bit, but if it saves lives, it’s worth it.”

Jan Partain, Orlando, Fla

“They (Transportation Security Administration officers) seemed to be pretty thorough, polite and friendly, and yet they are making sure they are enforcing the rules. They do the best they can, trying to make us all safe. I have no problems with it. Whatever it takes to make us safe and secure, so be it.”

Michael Scalf, Houston

“It doesn’t bother me. I don’t think security is overdone by any means. I don’t fly that much, but my husband travels a lot, so I’m glad they have security.”

Diana Howard, South Coffeyville, Kan.

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