By Randy Krehbiel, Tulsa World

Oklahomans like their guns, but they’re not sure they want to see one strapped to the hip of the person next to them in the check-out line.

The 520 likely voters surveyed in the latest Oklahoma Poll were closely divided on the issue of an open-carry gun law, with 48 percent favoring it and 45 percent in opposition.

Fifty-two percent, though, said they would not be comfortable with people not involved in law enforcement openly carrying firearms; there seemed to be fairly broad agreement that open-carry laws would increase anxiety about crime.

“The ramifications of this issue have not been fully vetted in people’s minds,” said Bill Shapard, whose company,, conducted the survey. “If you did a media search of these issues, where are you going to find a discussion of them? You’re not going to find them. There aren’t any.”

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