U-35 Panel U-35 Panel


You have been randomly selected from SoonerPoll’s voter database of thousands of Oklahoma voters to be a part of our SoonerPoll U-35 Panel, an online panel of voters under the age of 35.  SoonerPoll is the state’s leading provider of public opinion polls and research for the Oklahoma media.

SoonerPoll’s scientific selection means you are part of a small group of Oklahoma voters who have been given the opportunity to share their opinions on a wide range of political issues.

It is important to let your voice be heard, because results gathered from public opinion polling can  often guide policy and affect change in your community.

Younger voters are an important part of any sample and building a panel of voters under the age of 35 allows us to reach them where they are; online.

If you choose to join the panel you will periodically receive, via e-mail,  a link to participate in our most recent poll as well as a password that will serve as your unique identifier. conducts all research in a professional and ethical manner. We are adamant about keeping our panelists privacy and we don’t support or use spam.  At SoonerPoll we understand how important our participants are to the accuracy of our polls and we strive to treat every participant with the respect that importance demands.


Frequently Asked Questions


Why do you ask for my full name and birthday?

 When conducting research, your accuracy is only as good as your data.  It was you specifically that was randomly selected to participate in this panel and in order to make sure that our sample stays random, and thus accurate, we ask you for your name and one piece of personal information that we can cross reference with our voter database to positively identify you as the randomly selected participant.

As was mentioned above, we are adamant about keeping our panelists privacy and we don’t support or use spam.

How was I selected?

 SoonerPoll keeps an up to date internal database of all registered Oklahoma voters.  It is from this database that a sample of likely voters is randomly selected using the statistical model we developed to identify likely voters based on key factors, such as prior voting history.

For the creation of this panel, likely voters under the age of 35 were selected at random from SoonerPoll’s internal database of registered Oklahoma voters to be  invited to join the SoonerPoll U-35 Panel, you are one of them.

Why should I become a member?

When you become a member of the panel your voice counts.

Results from SoonerPolls are widely reported in the media and in many cases, industry leaders, nonprofit organizations and policy makers use SoonerPoll results to better position their issues.

By taking part in the panel you have the opportunity to make your opinion heard in a forum that often affects change in your state.

Who is SoonerPoll?

SoonerPoll is a public opinion pollster that does research for the media about current political issues and political candidate races. Since SoonerPoll’s founding it has become the leading public opinion polling company in the state of Oklahoma. In 2006 and 2008 SoonerPoll conducted more polls for Oklahoma media than all other public opinion pollsters combined. SoonerPoll has done research for a wide variety of Oklahoma television and print media outlets.

At SoonerPoll, we strive to always provide the best public opinion polling in the state of Oklahoma, with the type of reliability and transparency that has helped us earn the title of “Oklahoma’s public opinion pollster.”