Web Surveys

Web Surveys

Web surveys are often the quickest and most cost-effective way to collect the opinions of your target audience, but if it is used inappropriately the results can be disastrous.

SoonerPoll looks at web surveying only as an additional tool for conducting scientific public opinion research and not as a standalone methodology.

To learn more about the pitfalls of online polling and the mistakes that some pollsters make with them, read SoonerPoll’s Pitfalls to Online Polling.

When web surveying makes sense.

One example of using web surveys effectively is when the target universe is all of the employees of the client or members within an association.

Any organization that has the email addresses of the individuals whose opinions it wants to measure can benefit from a SoonerPoll web survey. They’re a good choice when budgets are limited. Additionally, a web survey can make an ideal complement to other SoonerPoll research services.

SoonerPoll’s custom-made web surveys: as unique as our clients.

While other researchers may use a one-size-fits-all approach to web surveying, using products from vendors, we write the programs for every web survey we conduct. This gives SoonerPoll the flexibility to conduct even the most complex, difficult surveys for our clients.

Does your company have employees scattered among offices statewide, nationwide or around the globe?

A web survey from SoonerPoll could be the quickest and most cost-effective way to collect their opinions.

Employee satisfaction surveys are just one way employers can take advantage of a web survey from SoonerPoll. Just provide us with an email list of the employees you wish to target, and we’ll provide a survey that could arm you with valuable information you could use to increase employee retention.

Could your association benefit from the opinions of its membership?

SoonerPoll can develop a web survey that can quickly collect those opinions for you. If your association’s strategy depends upon the opinions of its members, the results of a SoonerPoll web survey could easily provide you with a valuable tool.

Whether its objective is to add new members, maximize membership retention, or take its strategy in a new direction, your association will be better equipped to meet its objectives once it has a solid insight into where its membership stands on the issues you represent.   A web survey from SoonerPoll can give you the insight you can use to move forward with confidence.