Is Oklahoma your marketplace?

SoonerPoll utilizes an array of research tools including telephone polling, web surveys, touch-screen polling, mail surveys and focus groups. Let our experts help you determine which types of research services can most effectively move your company toward its objectives.

  • Is your firm planning to expand to a new community? SoonerPoll can help you determine what concerns area residents most, and how you can most effectively address those concerns.
  • Does your company need to explore ways to increase employee retention? A SoonerPoll employee survey can help you understand the preferences and needs of employees, allowing you to cultivate a working environment that minimizes turnover.
  • Is your company planning a new marketing campaign? SoonerPoll can conduct a focus group that will provide unique, specific insight into how your product or service is perceived by its market.
  • What are customers thinking about your company – and about the competition? A SoonerPoll customer survey can tell you why customers chose your company in the past, how they compare you to your competitors, and what they expect from your company in the future.
  • Is your company considering adding a new location or making a change to its name or logo? A feasibility study from SoonerPoll can help you identify how such changes will affect perceptions about your company, and what moves you can make to ensure the warmest reception from customers.
  • How is your brand perceived by the public? What about your company’s reputation?  SoonerPoll can conduct a community attitude survey to identify the assets upon which your company can build, the areas in which it can improve, and the tools to strengthen the perception of your company within the Oklahoma market.
  • Whether your firm’s goal is to determine the opinions of its consumers, the community or its workforce, our professionals can develop a research strategy that best suits your needs.

Why do corporations trust SoonerPoll?

Our mission is simple: to provide the very best opinion research for the state of Oklahoma. We developed our own cutting-edge statistical method for conducting research – its effectiveness is proven again with every project we complete. While our competitors may use outside vendors to purchase data or outsource some of the most sensitive aspects of a project, SoonerPoll handles every facet of every project we conduct. This is one way we ensure the highest level of accuracy and professionalism throughout every phase of our research projects.

Perhaps the most important reason SoonerPoll is Oklahoma’s most trusted researcher is simply this: we’re the only researcher whose focus is exclusively Oklahomans. We know your audience, we know how to reach them, and we know how to deliver the results that will make your project a success.