SoonerPoll found that likely Oklahoma voters cite a lack of job opportunities, an undereducated population and over dependency on the oil and gas industry as the top reasons a below average percentage of Oklahoma’s population is working.

Recent U.S. Census Bureau data revealed that 40.7 percent of Oklahoma’s population is working, compared with 45.4 percent nationally.  When respondents were asked what is most to blame for the disparity “Oklahoma’s lack of job opportunities” was the most popular response, with 26.7 percent.

“Oklahoma’s population is undereducated” and “Oklahoma is too dependent on the oil and gas industry” were the second and third most popular choices with 18.1 percent and 15.3 percent respectively.

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Crosstab analysis reveals only slight statistical deviations between the answers given by Republicans and Democrats.  However, when results are broken down by political label several correlations become apparent.

Results indicate that liberals are most likely to choose “Oklahoma is too dependent on the oil and gas industry” with 20.7 percent compared to 16.6 percent of moderates and just 13.6 percent of conservatives.

Similarly, liberals were most likely to blame “Oklahoma’s lack of job opportunities” and twice as likely as conservatives to say “Oklahoma has poor leadership.”  Further analysis reveals that 17.4 percent of conservatives had no opinion, making them twice as likely liberals to have no opinion., Oklahoma’s public opinion pollster commissioned the poll.   The scientific study was conducted using live interviewers by telephone of 509 likely voters from May 2 – 12. The study has a margin of error of ± 4.34 percent.


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