has expanded to a new platform with the launch of SoonerPoll.TV, home to a new, poll results focused video series.  The videos in the series contain one on one interviews with Oklahoma politicians, in which they react to and analyze various poll results.

SoonerPoll.TV gives host’s Bill Shapard, CEO of SoonerPoll, and Keith Gaddie, Vice President of SoonerPoll, the opportunity to discuss poll results on a wide range of issues with an even wider range of state congressman and policy makers.

“Public Opinion polling is important, because it gives the general public an opportunity for its voice to be heard,” Shapard said. “the SoonerPoll video series give the public the opportunity to see how our elected officials view the public’s opinion and make policy decisions with the public in mind.”

All the interview topics are derived from poll results, which means that the discussions are always specific to the state and the issues that matter most to Oklahomans.  Interview topics range from a state congressman’s take on pet breeding laws or the insurance commissioner’s opinion of health care reform.

“Our interviews, like our polls, are about a wide range of topics so I think that there will be something for everyone in this video series,” Shapard said. “The common thread that ties all the stories together their focus on issues important to Oklahomans and I think that is important because people need to see that policy makers know how they feel about these Oklahoma issues.”

There are currently eleven videos available to watch online, all of which were filmed in the Capitol Rotunda on February 17, 2010. will continue to update the video series throughout the year as more polls are conducted, make sure to sign up for the mailing list to receive notice when new videos are posted.   You can also subscribe to the SoonerPoll youtube or vimeo channel feeds to stay up to date with our most current videos.




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