(UPDATED 3/28/2012 to include a SoonerPoll.TV interview with Rep. David Dank about Oklahoma voters’ opinions on tax credits and the work being done by the Oklahoma Task Force on Tax Credits and Economic Incentives.)


Originally Published on Aug. 28, 2011


A survey by SoonerPoll.com on behalf of Oklahoma Watch revealed most Oklahoma  voters had a lack of familiarity with the 480 credits, deductions, exemptions  and other incentives contained in the Oklahoma tax code.

Oklahoma  voters say they don’t know a lot about tax breaks, but they don’t like the sound  of “transferable” credits that can be sold by one taxpayer to another.

Oklahoma Watch is a nonprofit, investigative and in-depth reporting team that  collaborates with news organizations and higher education to produce journalism  that makes a difference in the lives of Oklahomans.

A survey by SoonerPoll.com  on behalf of Oklahoma Watch revealed most had a lack of familiarity with the 480  credits, deductions, exemptions and other incentives contained in the Oklahoma  tax code.

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“I’m 78 years old, and I’ve been in business dang near all my life,” said Barbara  Kerr, of Okmulgee, who has operated a beauty shop, a bar, a grocery store  and a service station. “I didn’t get any special breaks that I know of.”

Despite their unfamiliarity, slightly more than half — 51 percent — of those  polled endorsed the view that some people, corporations, interest groups and  associations should receive tax breaks, compared with 36 percent who opposed all  state tax incentives.

But sentiments turned strongly negative when voters were asked about their  views toward transferable tax credits. Three in four respondents opposed tax  breaks altogether or said the state should stop letting recipients sell their  credits to other people.

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