During the President Obama years, Oklahoma Democrats had lost some enthusiasm in voting, and the loss was felt as Republicans swept every statewide office in 2010 and built upon their majorities in the State House and Senate.

It appears the Democratic enthusiasm has returned.

According to the most recent SoonerPoll, the Democrats’ level of voting enthusiasm is 51.6 percent, compared to the current Republicans’ level at 53.6 percent. The last time Democrat enthusiasm was this high was back in 2008.

Although it should be noted that Republican enthusiasm remains high, despite the change in the White House or the current governor’s extremely low favorable rating. Republican enthusiasm was highest in 2010, a good year for them at the ballot box.

“This is where Oklahoma Democrats and Republicans differ,” said Bill Shapard, CEO of SoonerPoll.com. “Oklahoma Democrats became dissatisfied with President Obama who ran as a moderate but governed as a liberal, meanwhile favorability of President Trump remains high with Oklahoma Republicans.”

[QUESTION] Thinking about this June election, compared to other elections, are you more enthusiastic about voting than usual, less enthusiastic, or about the same?

 Republicans  Democrats  Independents
1. More enthusiastic 53.6 51.6 35.5
2. Less enthusiastic 15.5 20.5 38.4
3. About the same 30.9 27.8 26.0

The enthusiasm is also showing up in early voting totals for the primary election today.

“This year, Oklahoma Democrats feel embolden this year, but it probably has less to do with President Trump and more to do with Governor Fallin, who is extremely unpopular with Democrats, and the budget deficit and education funding crisis,” said Shapard, who went on to note that four out of ten Democrats have a favorable opinion of President Trump in the most recent polling.

About the Poll

SoonerPoll.com, Oklahoma’s public opinion pollster, conducted the poll of Oklahoma likely voters, which was commissioned by News9 and Newson6.

The scientific study was conducted May 15-23, 2018 with 401 likely Oklahoma voters selected at random statewide from a 4-frame of SoonerPoll’s own online panel, Research Now’s voter panel, cell phones and landline telephones. For cell phone and landline telephones, voters are selected at random from SoonerPoll’s voter database and matched with cell and landline phone numbers.  Cell phone and landline participants were collected using live interviewers. The sample was weighted by age, gender, political party and congressional district in order to reflect the Oklahoma likely voter population for a primary election.

The sample reflects the traditional demographical profile of the Oklahoma likely voter with roughly half of respondents identifying as conservative. The study has a Margin of Error (MoE) of ± 4.89 percent.

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Bill is the founder of SoonerPoll.com and ShapardResearch, a full service market research firm based in Oklahoma City. Bill began his career in polling after working on a major campaign in Oklahoma from 1996 until founding SoonerPoll in 2004. Under Bill’s leadership, SoonerPoll has become the leading public opinion polling company in the state of Oklahoma conducting more public opinion polls for Oklahoma news media than all other pollsters combined since 2006. Bill’s commitment to go above and beyond the AAPOR ethical guidelines of minimum disclosure ensures that SoonerPoll produces quality results every time. Bill has lectured at Oklahoma State University on developing polling methodologies, data collection processes, and advanced likely voter sampling techniques. Bill also serves as an on-air political commentator for Oklahoma television stations.


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