Oklahoma has long been a conservative state, but as hard economic times have hit the country a new conservative movement has taken hold both nationally and with Oklahomans.

The results of a recent SoonerPoll found that 42.7 percent of Oklahomans have a favorable opinion of the Tea Party Movement. The Tea Party Movement’s core values include traditionally conservative ideas like fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government and free markets.

“Oklahoma had ‘Tea Party’ values before the tea parties put their label on it,” Keith Gaddie, Vice-President of SoonerPoll, said. “The tea parties are an anti-big government party, but they are also an anti-big business party. They just haven’t said it yet. But if you talk to them about the things they distrust, they distrust big government, they distrust big corporations. It’s an Oklahoma tradition.”

Although 42.7 percent is no majority, there are more who favor the movement than oppose it since a large part of the voting block still has no opinion of the polarizing party. The movement is looked upon favorably by 61.2 percent of Oklahoma Republicans and 46.8 percent of Oklahoma Independents, while 37.8 percent of Oklahoma Democrats have unfavorable opinions about the movement.

Take a look at the exact questions used in this poll and crosstabs used to develop this article

“What is important to note about these results is that there are many Independents joining this conservative movement,” Bill Shapard, CEO of SoonerPoll, said. “Independents often have the power to swing elections and the majority of Independents voted Democratic in the 2008 election.”

SoonerPoll.com, Oklahoma’s public opinion pollster, conducted the scientific study using live interviewers by telephone of 1000 likely voters from February 25 – March 8. The study has a margin of error of ± 3.1 percent.

Results indicate that the average Oklahoma Tea Party supporters are predominately Republican or Independent, and further analysis of the results reveal even more about the typical Tea Party supporter.

News 9 Impact Team, “Who is the Tea Party in Oklahoma?”

Tea Party supporters are highly ideological, 80.3 percent of those who have favorable opinions of the movement also said they would like to see a smaller government with less services.

Tea Party supporter’s strong ideology goes beyond the political sphere, the majority – 60.9 percent – of those who have favorable opinions of the movement consider themselves to be evangelical Christians, while 70.7 percent say they attend religious services at least once an month.

The Tea Party is supported by a relatively older section of the electorate, 88.2 percent of those who have favorable opinions of the Tea Party are over the age of 45. Of that 88.2 percent, 42 percent of are over the age of 65, 29.7 percent are between the age of 55 and 64, and 28.3 percent are between the age of 45 and 54.


  1. I am not surprised by the conservative trend. I am disappointed.

    The education level of the state is consistently below national levels. Oklahomans can be duped into believing just about anything – as long as you make it an “us against them” issue.

    Yes we do need less government but we also need less “entitlement” mentality. When such a large percentile of the population is being subsidized and kept “afloat” by government programs – poverty levels remain high. Education is the answer. Well educated individuals tend to be open minded and thoughtful.

  2. I believe your survey didn’t reach the core of Oklahomans because we are not in with the so called ‘tea party movement’

  3. Three observations. Very few under 45 favor Tea. The idea that Tea also dislikes big corporations is good to hear. I would like to see the questions asked, word for word.

  4. After reading the negative comments before me. Please understand November is comming soon and Oklahoma will again vote for conservitive’s. If you want to live in a liberal state there are 19 out of 50 to choose from. Tea party members like myself and other conservitives are going to make sure liberals never get in power again.

    Crow while you can but your going to be on the outside looking in soon.
    end of story !

  5. to the person that said, if you dont like the tea party to move out the state, this is a free country, i dont like the tea party and im not going anywhere and theres nothing you can do about it,

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