Almost all Oklahomans can agree on one thing; whether attorneys should be able to deduct money from their clients’ awards or settlements for the purpose of contributing to political funds.

When asked about this issue 92.9 percent of Oklahomans said they did not think attorneys should be able to deduct the money, while only 3.4 percent believed they should.

Last year HB 1601, a campaign finance reform bill which states that no attorney can deduct any portion of a judgment from a court of law, settlement proceeds of a client, or any monies held in trust for a client for the purpose of donating or contributing funds to the election process was passed.

Governor Brad Henry, who is an attorney by trade, first vetoed the bill, which was overturned by the legislature. The law went into effect last November.

Further analysis revealed that opinions of trial lawyers played a role. Of Respondents who have very favorable opinions of trial lawyers 13.5 percent thought they should be able to deduct the money. Inversely, 97 percent of those with very unfavorable opinions of trial lawyers do not think they should be able to deduct the money.


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